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Carina Sightings: Ukranian Carina CA60 rustoseum

Supra605 found this JDM Carina CA60 rustoseum parked somewhere in the Ukraine. It appears to be in a very poor state, flat tires, lots of dents, rusty bootlid. Still the fender mirrors appear to be as shiny as 30 years ago! 🙂

The sticker on the windshield reveals it was exported to the Ukraine around 1989 since it last had seen shaken in Showa 64 (1989).

Carina Sightings: Another AA63 drift missle

Two weeks ago I posted up a relatively cheap Carina AA63 drift missile only to discover another on Auctions Yahoo two weeks later!
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

Its current price is 50000 yen (615 US dollars) but reserve hasn’t been met yet. At least this Carina is still in one piece so it could get a little bit more pricier than this.

The engine is quite impressive: a 4AGE 16 valve with independent throttle bodies!
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

To make it all work smooth a set of Toda cams, aftermarket piggyback ECU and a lightened flywheel have been installed.

Other modifications are a set of SSR Longchamp XR4s, camber plates and front tower bar and on the inside a set of Recaros to make you feel a bit more comfortable in those loooong corners:
Another Carina AA63 drift missile
Another Carina AA63 drift missile

This missile seems to be in a bit better shape than the other one, but this one has had less extensive modifications.

In case you want to bid on it, you still have five days left and can find the action here: Carina AA63 at Auctions Yahoo.
If you like something different: the seller also has a few shakotan and bosozoku style rides for sale!

Japanese rustoseums (part eightteen)

Time for a bit more rust on the blog! This time a bunch of abandoned kaido racers: a Toyota Crown MS125, Nissan Leopard F30 and a Nissan Skyline C210.

Let’s kick off with the Crown:
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer
Abandoned Toyota Crown MS125 kaido racer

Once a major icon of the whole kaido racer scene, but nowadays just sitting around in a grassy field…

The Leopard appears to be quite complete:
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Leopard F30 kaido racer

However the wider FRP front fenders are unpainted and contrast with the rest of the car. Perhaps an abandoned project when the kaido racers got out of fashion in Japan?

Last, but not least, the Skyline C210:
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer
Abandoned Nissan Skyline C210 kaido racer

It blends nicely with the rubbiish around, but actually this kaido racer is a real piece of art: it has custom widened fenders, swapped (double square) headlights, a big spoiler on the trunk and some yellow bamboo spears sticking out meters behind the rear of the car. And I’m sure I’ve seen it on one of the pictures on my harddisk before…

Found at [Minkara

Video: 1971 Japanese Grand Prix astonishing domination by Nissan

JPN (Edit 2021: Rocketpencil no longer exists) uploaded another astonishing video: the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix held at Fuji International Speedway!

It consists out of three races: the Touring A (1600cc) class, Touring B (2000cc) class and the Grand Touring class, translating into Bluebird, Skyline and Fairlady Z.

All non-Nissanians will complain I over simplified the outcome of the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix a bit. Yes there are indeed other cars (like the Mazda RX-2) but that’s what the main field and winners looked like: a dominating Nissan. Only later that year the Mazda RX-3s broke the winning victory streak of those menacing Skylines…

Direct link to video: 1971 Japan Grand Prix

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