Shakotan Civic on Hayashi Streets

Three weeks ago I posted this Honda Civic in my Down on the Street regular. Back then I assumed that Hayashi Street rims are so rare and hard to find in the Netherlands that they were the Rota Shakotan knock offs.

And boy was I wrong there! Only three days later Bas Kuiper wrote the first comment that they are actually genuine. So I met up with him last Thursday, had a chat and shot some pictures of those very rare Hayashis and, of course, his Civic:
Honda Civic EG on Hayashi Street rims
His Civic is lowered so much we had to meet up down the road as his Civic probably would have hit the speedbumps. In the end the spot itself turned out to be a very nice background. 🙂

A picture to prove the wheels are genuine Hayashi Streets:
Genuine Hayashi Street rims!

And another one showing the size and offset:
Genuine Hayashi Street rims!
6.5J may not sound wide, but on a Civic they nicely tuck underneath the fenders this way!

Even though I forgot to bring my polarisation filter (shows clearly in the reflections) this photo is still my favorite:
Honda Civic EG on Hayashi Street rims
Bas strives to make his Civic fully JDM, so slowly he is changing EDM spec parts for JDM spec parts. A good example is the clear corner lamps which gives it a much more refined look. An exception to this is the color of the car which is the color of the USDM sixth generation Civic Si (EM1) and looks like an excellent choice for any EG!

Without doubt this shakotan Civic mixed with modern paint and old school Hayashis is one of the best looking Civic EGs I’ve seen so far! And it is also great to know that it is in the same town as me and I hopefully will see it more often!