Got too much Toyota AE86? [Banpei Weekly eps 11]

May 15, 2017 in banpei weekly, brochures

As the title may suggest: can you have too much of the Toyota AE86?
Got too much Toyota AE86?
Well perhaps you can! In this episode we will cover the channel news (more updates!), the Toyota AE86 update, random brochure (guess which one randomly got chosen!), a Russian Carina AA63 and more Toyota AE86es in the videos that I watched this week!

Too much Toyota AE86?

So can you have too much Toyota AE86? See for yourself below: Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel switch ends in a highway breakdown

May 14, 2017 in banpei weekly

Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel swap

This morning I decided to swap the leather Toyota AE86 steering wheel for the Toyota Carina AA63 item, and then do a short test drive. What was supposed to be a 10 minute ride became a two hour nightmare!
Toyota Carina AA63 highway breakdown
In principle the swap of the steering wheel was straight forward: undo the horn cap of the AE86 steering wheel. Undo nut (socket 19) for 90%. Wiggle the wheel until it feels there is a little bit of play, then try to pull it up gently until it comes loose. Don’t undo the nut fully, or else you may smash yourself in the face with a steering wheel!

Mounting the Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel was just as easy as removing it. Just put it on, tighten the nut, center the horn cap and gently push it in place. Then I headed off to do a small highway drive…


At first I noticed that the Carina’s breaking was a bit spongy and when pulling away the automatic gearbox was shifting rather late. This still didn’t arouse any suspicion. As soon as I got on the onramp for the highway I was already sorry to have chosen this particular route. A big traffic jam emerged and I basically crawled for the next ten minutes. Then traffic started going again and we were doing 60 to 70 kilometers per hour.

Shortly after that a new traffic jam started, so I started to slow down again. Once I gotten to a full stop I noticed the smell of burnt pads and a small cloud of smoke emerging from the left front fender. So I stopped, pulled over and checked it out… See also my reaction in the video: Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota Carina A60 history [JDM Trivia]

October 11, 2016 in carina sightings

Welcome to JDM Trivia #12 where I describe the Toyota Carina A60 history.
Toyota Carina A60 history [JDM Trivia]

Carina, Corona and Celica combined

The Toyota Carina A60 started its life when Toyota decided to combine the platforms of the Corona, Carina and Celica. This delivered a floorpan that was identical for all three cars and some of the Corona and Carina body panels are even exchangeable.

Toyota Carina A60 generation

This generation of the Toyota Carina was produced between September 1981 and April 1988. For Toyota this was considered to be a very long lasting production. It obviously helped that the Carina derived van stayed into production till April 1988, but also the sedan and coupe were available till the end of 1987. Read the rest of this entry →

Mudflaps from Auctions Yahoo [unboxing]

April 15, 2016 in video

It is birthday time! And a present (for myself) has arrived yesterday!
Mudflaps from Auctions Yahoo
So let’s start unboxing a package from Auctions Yahoo containing an incomplete set of Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 mudflaps! Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota Carina wind deflectors [Yahoo Auctions]

March 19, 2016 in auctions yahoo

Earlier this week I spotted a set of original Toyota Carina wind deflectors for sale in an auction:
Toyota Carina wind deflectors
They are interesting for me as these deflectors change the airflow around the windows and if you open your windows only an inch the air will be sucked from your car instead of having a big turbulence creating a racket of noise.

The deflectors weren’t entirely new and one of the rear deflectors even had a part missing: Read the rest of this entry →

Carina Sightings: turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 in Hot Version 33

October 29, 2015 in carina sightings

Ka Ko posts clips from various Hot Version videos regularly and yesterday he posted up a short clip of a turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 versus a Toyota Corolla AE92 sedan.
Toyota Carina AA63
The Carina is wrongly placed as the T15/T16 in the description but in reality it is a resprayed Toyota Carina AA63. Also don’t get fooled over that 4A-GZE that got swapped in from an AE92: it is actually turbocharged! Another way to get a twin cam turbo in a Carina!

The comparison between the two is made by driving them as fast as possible on the Ebisu track: Read the rest of this entry →