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It’s been 7300 days since I last heard your 4A-GE scream – Friday Video

Today’s video features a Finnish two-door Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 in Supra White and, unlike the title suggests, no 4A-GE screams in this video. Nevertheless, this video is a must-see! Let me explain why!

7300 päivää - Toyota Corolla GT AE86
7300 päivää – Toyota Corolla GT AE86

A rapper, a DJ, a tango dancer and a singer

The song itself was written by Finnish rap artist HesaÄijä (Marios Kleovoulou) and DJ Oku Luukkainen. The song itself is about HesaÄijä’s first love Korhosen Taina. Also, I don’t speak Finnish, so I have to admit I first wrongly assumed the title 7300 Päivää meant something like 7300 rpm screaming 4A-GE. But that turned out to be a very wrong assumption as it translates to 7300 days. You can find the full lyrics of 7300 Päivää here.

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Pre-production Corolla Levin SE AE85 – Friday Video

One of the highlights of this year was a WhatsApp call from Daniel ‘O Grady out of the blue about an early Corolla Levin SE AE85 he found. I was doing my usual Saturday groceries and just parked my car in a parking garage. Daniel was very agitated about this car as it had such a low frame number.

6600 kilometer Toyota Corolla Levin SE AE85
6600 kilometer Toyota Corolla Levin SE AE85

During the call, it dawned on me that such a low frame number meant it was actually a pre-production run. Last year I created an overview of the AE86 and AE85 frame numbers and a lookup function. One of the things that surprised me was that the AE85 production in May 1983 started at 180, while AE86 production started at 1. There are no records of the pre-180 frame numbers in the EPC either. This means these cars have been assembled in pre-production.

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Nightride to Poland in an Trueno AE86 – Friday Video

For those who aren’t subscribed to either the Juicebox and Nightride channels, the story is that Sam from Nightride wanted to buy a Trueno AE86 and asked Neil from Juicebox if there was one available in Ireland.

Nightride's Trueno AE86 at the Juicebox shed
Nightride’s Trueno AE86 at the Juicebox shed

Coincidentally a two-door Trueno just became available for sale, Sam agreed to buy it and Neil closed the deal. Neil also agreed to drive with Sam (and some other Nightride members) inside the Trueno from Ireland to Poland. That’s an epic journey of 2000 kilometres! Both Nightride and Juicebox posted their videos earlier this week, so check them out below!

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How the Skyline GT-R got the Godzilla name – Friday Video

Aiden Millward has done a ton of videos about racing and I love his storytime videos. It harks back to those good old days and Aiden can tell these stories with that little extra cherry on top. Most of his storytime videos are about Formula One or Le Mans 24 Hours as those are the most covered motorsport in this world. However, earlier this week, I was pleased to see him covering the story of Godzilla. The R32. How it earned its name. How it outclassed everything else.

Godzilla R32 at its finest hour at the 1992 Bathurst race
Godzilla R32 at its finest hour at the 1992 Bathurst race

Not to spoil too much of this story, but the Nissan Skyline R32 didn’t earn its nickname in Japan. It earned this name in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATTC) over the period of 1989-1992 when it dominated the Supercars (group A) racing series.

You can find the video below:

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Legendary voice: Star Road tuning garage- Friday Video

Video Option has a regular recurring series called Legendary Voice. This series will make a portrait of a legend from the automotive scene. Their latest video is zooming in on the man behind the Star Road tuning garage: Masatsugu Inoue.

Masatsugu Inoue, the man behind Star Road
Masatsugu Inoue, the man behind Star Road

Star Road is a tuning house that originated in the 1980s. He was determined to do whatever he liked until the age of 25 and then settle on a job. But by the time he turned 25, he never settled on a job. Being a street racer himself, he knew all too well what people wanted and then started building his own aero parts and tuning cars. His speciality is with the Nissan Fairlady S20 platform.

You can watch the entire documentary below:

3 hours of Shakotan Boogie Anime – Friday Video

I have been dreaming about this for years now, and now finally, someone took the effort to upload the Shakotan Boogie anime to Youtube! You may wonder why this is such a big deal, so let me explain to you what Shakotan Boogie is, why I have yearned for this and why it is great to have it on Youtube!

What is Shakotan Boogie?

Shakotan Boogie (シャコタン★ブギ) started as a Manga in Weekly Young Magazine in 1986 and remained serialized until 1996. It’s a manga about two boys, Hajime Yamamoto and Koji Watanabe, who are into zokusha and the whole subculture around it. This is closely related to the Bosozoku, but they aren’t the same.

Shakotan Boogie manga

The two boys are car-crazy and they drive around in a blue and white Toyota Soarer Z10 on SSR Mk Is. This car has become so iconic that it became the stereotypical Soarer for many people who are into zokusha. Similar to what the panda-Trueno is for Initial D fans.

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