Got too much Toyota AE86? [Banpei Weekly eps 11]

May 15, 2017 in banpei weekly, brochures

As the title may suggest: can you have too much of the Toyota AE86?
Got too much Toyota AE86?
Well perhaps you can! In this episode we will cover the channel news (more updates!), the Toyota AE86 update, random brochure (guess which one randomly got chosen!), a Russian Carina AA63 and more Toyota AE86es in the videos that I watched this week!

Too much Toyota AE86?

So can you have too much Toyota AE86? See for yourself below: Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel switch ends in a highway breakdown

May 14, 2017 in banpei weekly

Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel swap

This morning I decided to swap the leather Toyota AE86 steering wheel for the Toyota Carina AA63 item, and then do a short test drive. What was supposed to be a 10 minute ride became a two hour nightmare!
Toyota Carina AA63 highway breakdown
In principle the swap of the steering wheel was straight forward: undo the horn cap of the AE86 steering wheel. Undo nut (socket 19) for 90%. Wiggle the wheel until it feels there is a little bit of play, then try to pull it up gently until it comes loose. Don’t undo the nut fully, or else you may smash yourself in the face with a steering wheel!

Mounting the Toyota Carina AA63 steering wheel was just as easy as removing it. Just put it on, tighten the nut, center the horn cap and gently push it in place. Then I headed off to do a small highway drive…


At first I noticed that the Carina’s breaking was a bit spongy and when pulling away the automatic gearbox was shifting rather late. This still didn’t arouse any suspicion. As soon as I got on the onramp for the highway I was already sorry to have chosen this particular route. A big traffic jam emerged and I basically crawled for the next ten minutes. Then traffic started going again and we were doing 60 to 70 kilometers per hour.

Shortly after that a new traffic jam started, so I started to slow down again. Once I gotten to a full stop I noticed the smell of burnt pads and a small cloud of smoke emerging from the left front fender. So I stopped, pulled over and checked it out… See also my reaction in the video: Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota AE86 paperwork arrived from Japan

May 13, 2017 in unboxing

Today I received this package from Japan containing the paperwork for the Toyota AE86. Apart from the usual AE86 paperwork there were a couple of very nice surprises!
Toyota AE86 paperwork and peko-chan

Milky candy

First of all there was a package of Japanese candy included! The candy is called Milky and produced by Fujiya. Milky candy is one of the most famous and well-loved sweets in Japan, so that was an awesome surprise included in the package! Peko-chan is their famous mascot and you can find her about anywhere nowadays. Thanks Derek!

Then there was the paperwork: Read the rest of this entry →

Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

March 8, 2017 in toyota ae86, unboxing

In this video I will unbox all the goodies that I received for the Toyota AE86 today! It was a bit exciting as I didn’t know 100% for sure if it would be all for the AE86, but luckily it did!
Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

You can watch the video below: Read the rest of this entry →

HaCHiRoCK 2012: the arrival!

October 5, 2012 in event

This is the last posting for HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012 and no: we’re not doing everything backwards. 😉
Actually I already posted up some pictures from this source yesterday, but the great thing is that he photographed all hachis arriving at the HaCHiRoCK!
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
Yes, that means that you can find about 200 hachis in 28 gallery pages in the Minkara gallery starting here:
Beginner Celica @ Minkara
If you want to view it backwards, start here… 😉

HaCHiRoCK 2012: the WTF!?

October 4, 2012 in event

Shortly after meetings people post up tons of pictures (and videos) and you always see photos where you think: WTF!? Same happened to me when browsing the HaCHiRoCk 2012 with the ones I’m posting up!

First of all I was a bit confused by this black (fake carbon) sticker on the headlights:
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
Here in Europe we are familiar with these stickers as we do occasionally cross the channel to the UK and our cars have to carry these stickers to prevent us from blinding the Brits. Obviously the same applies to the Brits when they set foot on continental soil. 😉

So why would a hachi in Japan be carrying these stickers? Are they from Okinawa? Can’t be as the Levin AE86 has been produced after 1978…

The answer actually came to me spotting the HaCHiRoCK coverage on Speedhunters about the rally cars. One of them features HID headlights and of course the original Levin headlights were never intended to do this: they scatter the light into a certain areas and they probably blind others, hence the stickers on these headlights.

Another WTF was the wideness of this hachi: Read the rest of this entry →