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HaCHiRoCK 2012: The beautiful ones

As promised: some more pictures from HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012 and this time the pictures from which I thought they were beautiful in one or another way…
HaCHiRoCK 2012
First of all this picture showed you in one glance all the possibilities of the zenki Levin front end. Even though the one up front is not factory panda white this inverse panda actually does look good!

Then this picture is similar to the one I posted up yesterday: Continue reading

HaCHiRock 2012: The first pictures have arrived!

Last Sunday there was a big party in Sagamiko and unfortunately for the fourth time I was not able to be there… If you are unfamiliar with the date and place: it hosts the biggest hachi-roku gathering in the world called HaCHiRoCK Festa!
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
This year the festival was down from 270 cars to 200 cars due to renovations of the Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest but nevertheless the festival was better than last year!

Even Speedhunters did make it this year: Continue reading

HachiRoku-day: totally missed it!

Since I was on holiday for the past four weeks I totally missed hachi-roku-day! 🙁
Lucky enough I already saw some great stuff in the past days like the 48km Corolla GT on Speedhunters. I also saw this video by JRotaro on Youtube of lots of hachis having fun at the Fuji drift course next to the Fuji Speedway:

Now this is something you definitely don’t want to miss! 😉

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