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HachiRoku-day: totally missed it!

Since I was on holiday for the past four weeks I totally missed hachi-roku-day! 🙁
Lucky enough I already saw some great stuff in the past days like the 48km Corolla GT on Speedhunters. I also saw this video by JRotaro on Youtube of lots of hachis having fun at the Fuji drift course next to the Fuji Speedway:

Now this is something you definitely don’t want to miss! 😉

AE86 Trivia: Toyota AE86 windhield replacement found!

I bought my USDM Corolla AE86 with a cracked windshield. This was mainly due to a design flaw in the AE86: the support for the windshield is a watertrap and after trapping water for more than 20 years it rusts through from underneath. Naturally this stresses the windshield and hence it cracks. So I accepted the cracked windshield, took it out and had its support repaired before replacing the windshield. Then the problems started: a replacement was not easy to find.

Carglass was only able to source a Corolla AE82 windshield and with help from Toyota Netherlands they sourced a windshield from the UK. I’ve heard from many other AE86 owners it is a big problem to find a new windshield nowadays because apparently the AE86 windshield is almost extinct now… So currently the options are either pray or find a used windshield…

Yesterday I read some breaking news on AEU86: a windshield replacement has been found for the AE86!
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia

ZaX mentioned someone told him (max_ae86?) that the Daewoo/Chevrolet Nexia windshield is a 99% fit and the only thing you need to adjust to make it fit is put a little bit more glue on the topcenter (where the rear view mirror is mounted) to make it fit properly.
I know from experience that the EUDM windshield is the same as the USDM, but I have no clue if the JDM windshield is the same…

This is the exact model Nexia you need to borrow your windshield from:
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia

The added benefit of this windshield is that you will have a shaded band on top of the windshield as well! So start hoarding those second generation Nexias!

Ebay treasures: KE30 hubcaps and unfinished rims

Unlike what the title says they aren’t exactly for sale at Ebay, but rather on its free of charge Dutch co-site called Marktplaats.

Over two years ago I found the worlds ugliest hubcaps on Marktplaats. I found another Corolla KE30 hubcap set for sale at Marktplaats:
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps

Last time I did get a lot of emails from people who wanted them, but I was unable to get them because that set got sold. So if you really want them, be quick and I might be able to arrange them for you. 🙂

Then I also bumped into these rims, advertised as suitable for an AE86 . and had a big laugh about the picture:
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color

Basically the MS Paint text roughly translates into:
Only needs a bit of color. AE86 Toyota 4x 15 inch
Damn funny! 😀

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