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Hilarious: Dekochari (Dekotora bicycle)

Now this was a huge laugh for me: the Dekochari!

Dekotora is an abbreviation for Decoration Truck (Torakku). Chari means bicycle, so mixing it up with the Dekotora abbreviation it becomes Dekochari! Dressing up your bike into a Dekotora is just hilarious!

The soundtrack is called Ichiban-boshi Blues (by Bunta Sugawara and Kinya Aikawa) and the footage comes from a video called Dekochari Yarou.

If you thought that wasn’t funny enough, how about the Dekochari at 0:26 being driven by Daijiro Inada?

And how about another one just for the road? :P

Video Option covering drifting in 1992

A long long time ago drifting was not a popular sport and Keiichi Tsuchiya wasn’t in every Video Option, Hot Version or Drift Tengoku episode you could find! Even covering the drift scene was quite rare! However in those early days Video Option was actually one of the few to cover that scene at all!

The following video from 1992 covers the street drifting, organized drifting and even a few of the “bloopers”:

Amazing! Nobody would even think about using a Nissan Skyline GC110 for drifting nowadays! They are simply worth too much and they are almost as rare as a KPGC10 nowadays! Imagine what people will think in 15 years of us using Skyline R32s and Toyota AE86es for drifing! ;)

What Keiichi Tsuchiya did do was being a judge in drift competitions! This second part covers the Fukuoka National Racing competition:

Amazing! Keiichi Tsuchiya was, just like Daijiro Inada, young back then! :D

It is funny to see him freak out on a Nissan Silvia S13 locking up the rear wheels with the handbrake and drift through the corner at 20 km/h! Imagine that the current slowmotion replays of the D1GP have quicker cornering than that! :D

Of course I do understand that back then the skill mattered more than entry speed. Looking at the result of that match the AE86 did win fair and square!

Suzuki Cultus at Pikes Peak hillclimb in 1992

Being from the Playstation generation I only knew about the existence of the 1992 twin engined Suzuki Cultus (aka Suzuki Swift) through Gran Turismo 2. This little car is overshadowed by its bigger brother, the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, but looking at these two videos of the 1992 Pikes Peak hillclimb makes me fond of the little brother too!

The first video shows Daijiro Inada doing the 0-100 in 3.6 seconds (I bet he liked that!) and some of the JDM competitors damaging their cars.

Quite spectacular is the onboard camera footage from the Mitsubishi Colt number 7 when it tumbles down the mountain:

Even more spectacular is the run done by Nobuhiro Tajima in his twin engined Suzuki Cultus: even though he has a damaged tire he manages to finish his run in 12:51! Amazing!

Makes me wish it was 1992 again! ;)

Hilarious: Keiichi owns Daijiro

During the Tokyo Drift exhibition in Odaiba Keiichi Tsuchiya drives a mazda FC3S convertible with Daijiro Inada riding shotgun. Tsuchiya loses control over the mazda (that hardly ever happens!) and crashes into the tirewall:

If you look closely in the slowmotion replay you can see Keiichi braces himself against the impact while Daijiro (not wearing a seatbelt) didn’t see it coming and is squashed like a fly against the front window. ?????

Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Fairlady S30 part 2

Some time ago we did a feature on the bosozoku style Nissan Fairlady Z S30. This week we feature a video with Daijiro Inada looking at the Nissan Fairlady Z S30 (and its successors) including a very nice bosozoku styled version of a Grand Champion Fairlady Z copy by Daisuke Shouten!

Part one:

Very funny to see Nomuken making the mistake of how to start a carburetted car: he wants to start the Fairlady by turning the ignition key. Lucky enough they show him how it is done properly. Funny enough: Daijiro Inada can’t drift, but surely he can start a carburetted car properly! :D

Part two:

Note that this bosozoku styled Fairlady Z has the rear lights of a Skyline C210 Japan and a (badly fit) G-nose. In my opinions this is one of the best looking bosozoku styled Fairlady Zs I’ve seen so far!

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