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Finish this Finnish Lexus-powered Carina! – Carina Sightings

Some projects turn out to be too big to ever pass the finish line, but this Finnish Lexus-powered Carina doesn’t seem to fit that category. However, it’s still an unfinished project that is almost there.

Unfinished Finnish project: Carina TA60 with a 1G-FE engine
Unfinished Finnish project: Carina TA60 with a 1G-FE engine

The unfinished Finnish Carina project

The ad describes it as follows:
Project carina. 2.0 direct weave from lexus. Immobilizer on, has been tested. A mild project. Not inspected. Good basket.
Normally a basket-case would never be good, but this Carina is an exception to that!

How can you fit a 6-cylinder in a Carina?

Fitting a 1G-FE 6-cylinder engine is possible on the Carina TA60 as the A60 Celica XX also featured the 1G engine family in Japan. Sourcing a cross-member from Japan for it should be possible. However, I’m not sure if the current owner went through all that trouble though.

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Black Racing rims fitment and fuel pressure regulator – My Carina

This already happened a few weeks ago, but I have done some work on my Carina. The most important update was replacing the Celica Supra rims with a set of Black Racing rims. In addition to that, I finally installed a fuel pressure regulator to, hopefully, fix some rough idling of the 2T.

Fitting Black Racing rims (Watanabe knock offs) on my Carina TA60
Fitting Black Racing rims (Watanabe knock-offs) on my Carina TA60

Watanabe knock-offs

I refurbished these Watanabe knock-offs last year by sanding them down and painting them with a rattle can. I can’t say it’s perfect, but they do look heaps better than they used to. The black paint on them was fading and they were in desperate need of new tires.

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BJDM Toyota Carina: a Bulgarian interpration of JDM – Carina Sightings

My first reaction when I found this Toyota Carina GL TA60 for sale on a Bulgarian classifieds site was WTF?! But don’t let the looks at the front deceive you: this was done by a genuine enthusiast. Someone who really loved this Carina. Let me go over it completely.

The modifications on this Bulgarian Toyota Carina TA60 can be considered polarizing
The modifications on this Bulgarian Toyota Carina TA60 can be considered polarizing

The Carina

Let’s begin with the base of this car: it’s a 1982 Toyota Carina. As it features headrests on the rear seats and has a carpeted boot, it has to be the GL trim level. It features the 1.6-litre 2T engine, so we can narrow it down to a TA60. The seller mentions it’s a 5-speed manual, so its gearbox is a T50. In one of the photos are some German documents, so I suspect it originated from Germany many years ago.

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Autoweek user review on Toyota Carina DX TA60 – Carina Sightings

I did happen to read a review of a 1983 Toyota Carina DX TA60 some time ago on the website of the Dutch car magazine Autoweek. This review spoke fondly about the car and how well it pulled their caravan. That reminded me of the many vacations I spent in my father’s Carina DX TA60 wagon with the same colour.

1983 Toyota Carina DX TA60 - You got to love that dog sitting next to it!
1983 Toyota Carina DX TA60 – You got to love that dog sitting next to it!

This is the full (translated) review:
Used the Carina for over 11 years. Never had any issues.
Spent many vacations with the caravan in hot climates. Never budged. As it’s rear-wheel-drive it’s ideal for pulling caravans. In my memory one of the best cars I’ve owned. Already 20 years have passed since I sold the car. Not because it didn’t run anymore, but because the inner wheel wells were rusted through. Water was entering the cabin through that.

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Carina TA60 Station Wagon with an interesting front spoiler – Carina Sightings

I was thrilled to finally find a photo of a Toyota Carina station wagon TA60. It’s the exact same model and trim level as my dad’s Carina back in the 1980s! The biggest difference is the colour: this one is bright red instead of my father’s topaz-bronze Carina.

Toyota Carina DX station wagon TA60
Toyota Carina DX station wagon TA60

Compare that to this red Carina station wagon from the German brochure:

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Carina TA60 with cut springs, coilovers and TRD Tosco – Carina sightings

Some time ago somebody forwarded me the Carina TA60 owned by Premium Shitbox on Instagram. I really love the way they fixed up the Carina and lowered it.

Premium Shitbox's Toyota Carina TA60
Premium Shitbox’s Toyota Carina TA60

They picked up this bone stock 1982 Toyota Carina DX TA60 in Germany. Apart from the body colour, this Carina is 100% the same as mine: same brown/tan interior, seatbelts on all five seating positions and an A40 automatic gearbox.

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