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Nightride to Poland in an Trueno AE86 – Friday Video

For those who aren’t subscribed to either the Juicebox and Nightride channels, the story is that Sam from Nightride wanted to buy a Trueno AE86 and asked Neil from Juicebox if there was one available in Ireland.

Nightride's Trueno AE86 at the Juicebox shed
Nightride’s Trueno AE86 at the Juicebox shed

Coincidentally a two-door Trueno just became available for sale, Sam agreed to buy it and Neil closed the deal. Neil also agreed to drive with Sam (and some other Nightride members) inside the Trueno from Ireland to Poland. That’s an epic journey of 2000 kilometres! Both Nightride and Juicebox posted their videos earlier this week, so check them out below!

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Not so boring Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 – Down on the Street

I have a nose for out-of-the-ordinary cars and today’s Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 is a prime example of that! While driving through the parking garage I noticed this minivan making an attempt to park in a very tight spot. Even though it has the same shame, it didn’t match the ordinary Toyota Previa that we’re used to over here. When I drove passed it, I noticed the different tail lights and front. That’s when I knew I had to take a small detour one level down after I managed to parked my car one deck above.

Is that Toyota minivan interesting at all?
Is that Toyota minivan interesting at all?

Following the nose

My suspicions confirmed, it was indeed a second generation Estima and not a Previa. Not that it differs on the outside that much from the Previa, but the Estima was a JDM only model. Walking more up close I noticed the badges stating it is an Estima L and the Aeras version. But what does that mean? I’ll run you through all this Japanese goodness that we didn’t get!

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Two-door Trueno AE86 hidden in the foliage – Japanese Rustoseums

It is always sad to see a forgotten or neglected car. It’s bad if the car in question is parked up for a long time and is showing signs of rust and decay. It’s even worse if the car is slowly being consumed by the foliage around it. This two-door Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 is one such car!

Abandoned rusty two-door Sprinter Trueno AE86
Abandoned rusty two-door Sprinter Trueno AE86

Eaten by the foliage

The Minkara user mitanimomo investigated this neglected Trueno left behind in the fields. The owner could not be traced and, just like the car, the house next to it was abandoned.

The Trueno appears to be original panda, which would indicate it’s a GT Apex model. The doily lace covers are still on the seats. And it seems to be sitting on Work Equip Casting 4 spoke rims.

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Lambo doors Trueno Black Limited not for the faint-hearted – AE86 Wall of Shame

A Toyota Sprinter Trueno Black Limited AE86 with Lambo scissor doors? That must be the worst entry in the AE86 Wall of Shame, right? Well, actually at first I thought it would. But as I was trying desperately to learn more about this car, I found more and more things I liked about this car. So hear me out…

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AE86 Trivia: the amazing Levin & Trueno AE86 drag-coefficient

With the arrival of the fifth Corolla and Sprinter, the Levin and Trueno AE86 featured two distinct body styles: a sporty looking two-door and a slippery looking three-door. This was different compared to the previous generations. In the fourth generation the Levin and Trueno were only a (top of the line) trim level on the three-door. The new Levin and Trueno had a very different appearance where the Levin retained fixed headlights and the Trueno gained popup headlights. I wondered how this would influence the drag-coefficient of both models and both body types. Time for another AE86 Trivia post!

Fixed or popup headlights

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