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Rock’n Roll Works Equipped with the American Dream – WTF?!

This Work Equip advertisement is another wacky magazine advertisement from a random Japanese magazine. It’s just mindboggling what the designers must have thought when they composed this advertisement. Let’s go over all those texts in the advertisement!
City after dark is our stage!
You look so fine tonight!
Let our dreams run all through the night
I’m your heroin
May I sit next to you?
We’re the real Rock’n Rollers
Come with us, Equip!
You, get off!
American Dream, you are going to be us

Work Equip magazine advertisement featuring the band Serika with Dog
Work Equip magazine advertisement featuring the band Serika with Dog

I’m quite puzzled by the I’m your heroin May I sit next to you? I could interpret this in various ways. Also, by the absence of a female person in this advertisement, the meaning of heroin makes me fear the worst!

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Two-door Trueno AE86 hidden in the foliage – Japanese Rustoseums

It is always sad to see a forgotten or neglected car. It’s bad if the car in question is parked up for a long time and is showing signs of rust and decay. It’s even worse if the car is slowly being consumed by the foliage around it. This two-door Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 is one such car!

Abandoned rusty two-door Sprinter Trueno AE86
Abandoned rusty two-door Sprinter Trueno AE86

Eaten by the foliage

The Minkara user mitanimomo investigated this neglected Trueno left behind in the fields. The owner could not be traced and, just like the car, the house next to it was abandoned.

The Trueno appears to be original panda, which would indicate it’s a GT Apex model. The doily lace covers are still on the seats. And it seems to be sitting on Work Equip Casting 4 spoke rims.

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Choices: what kyusha wheel is the best?

Choosing the right wheels for your car is just as important as choosing the right shoes to go with your suit on prom night. To illustrate it a bit more this Skyline DR30 owner will show you the difference between various 15 inch Kyusha wheels: Enkei Focus, SSR Mk I, Work Equip and SSR Tomcat.
kyusha wheel choices enkei focus
This is how the Enkei Focus look like. These polished rims really makes itself stand out a bit more than the looks of the DR30.

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