Remembering Japanese cars from the past


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    1. Bob

      Is there a chance to put me back in your blogroll?

      • banpei

        Will be back when I have time to continue on that: I’m only at about 30% of the old blogroll… :(

      • Kevin

        Do the manga gunsmith cats

    2. Kristijan

      Hey man! Love your text about AE86 and one thing in particular. That digital cluster gauge. Can you please scan that catalogue that contains the picture in high resolution so I can make a wallpaper out of it? I tried to find a decent picture for days, but I can’t. Thanks in advance!

      • banpei

        I’ll see what I can do. :)

        • Kristijan

          Hope you get it! It looks so amazing :)

    3. Robert Binder

      Hi, i am from Leverkusen Germany
      and i love the Remember Japanese Historic
      Car Graffiti 2010 Calendar.
      Where can i buy it ? ( I am a rebuilder from a
      Celica RA 28 and i like to buy the calendar from my garage ).
      I hope to here you soon
      Cheers Robert

    4. alberto cidraes

      Dear Bampei, in 1993 I was at the center of a Suzuki Cultus launching, advertising campaign, as a ceramic artist based at the city of Kanazawa, with TV comertials, videos, radio and printed matter. I would like to have access to that video of which I don’t own a copy., Do you think you could help me on that?
      Thank you and regards
      Alberto Cidraes

      • banpei

        Hi Alberto,
        Can you give me a bit more information regarding the campaign?

    5. Erik

      hello banpei, i have a aa60 and im lookin for tail lights, front lights, and few other parts, i would like to know if u have any for order and how much, would appreciate the car.

    6. Ajithkumar

      hello banpei, i have a aa60 and im looking for tail lights for front lights and back side and few other parts, i would like to know if u have any for order and how much, would appreciate it.

      Please send me a email.


      • banpei

        I’m sorry, but I don’t sell parts myself. You probably best buy them from Auctions Yahoo in Japan.

    7. Hyder

      AA60 rare light 2.frount signals lights 2.and door wisers contact no 0777-270280 Sri Lanka. Pl call me.

    8. Robert

      Beste Banpei,

      Probeer met je in contact te komen, maar het ‘contact’ form lijkt niet te werken.
      Heb je een bericht achtergelaten op instagram. Hoop graag van je te horen

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