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Drive on the Tokyo Expressway KK-line (1986 versus 2024) – Friday Video

My favourite Showa-nostalgic Youtube channel Kamepo posted another video: the two-kilometer-long Tokyo Expressway KK-line. The Tokyo Expressway has a rich history and already dates back to 1951 when the first plans were drawn up. In 1959 the first section opened up and it was fully opened up in 1966.

Onramp to the Tokyo Expressway KK-line
Onramp to the Tokyo Expressway KK-line

Kamepo describes in the video that most of the expressway is built on top of commercial buildings or that the commercial buildings have been built underneath it. The 1960s were definitely strange times!


As this section of road is only 2 kilometres in length, there aren’t that many cars to spot. Unlike my usual spotting, I have also included some cars from the opposite lane. I normally omit to spot these because they are very difficult and hard to distinguish as the frames get very blurry.

Yet still I managed to find a couple of highlights: a diesel powered Nissan Cedric or Gloria 430 wagon, a Nissan Cedric Y30 taxi, a duo of Toyota Carina A60s, a Honda N-WGN and a Nissan Skyline Ti C210/C211.

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Baby-blue Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 kaido racer – Carina Sightings

I love to browse stuff for sale on Yahoo Auctions on a weekly basis and every now and then I find interesting stuff, like for instance the TRD Sports Accessories brochure. This week I encountered this baby-blue Toyota Carina GT-R kaido racer that is for sale for a mere 1.6M yen! (10K euros, 11K dollars)

Baby blue Toyota Carina GT-R kaido racer
Baby blue Toyota Carina GT-R kaido racer

Weak spot for Kaido Racers

I have a weak spot for kaido racers (also known as zokusha), especially if they are done well. This one is done very well, looking at the amount of work that went into this. First of all, you will notice the Levin AE86 front bumper has been widened and made its way to the front of this Carina. It’s not clear why they didn’t use an AE92 bumper as that would fit without any issues. Then the lip underneath the bumper makes it look more like a zokusha.

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Carina Sightings: EvenFlow’s hilarious Me, Myself & Carina GT-R video

I was totally unfamiliar with Evenflow‘s Carina GT-R until I stumbled upon a video called Me myself and the Carina. It’s a ff-ing hilarious video that tells you all about what makes the Toyota Carina GT-R stand out from the rest. I did remember seeing those two chaps in one of their earlier videos but I never actually subscribed to their channel. I’ll explain later why I never bothered to subscribe to their videos. But I regret it now as I clearly missed this one by a long shot! They posted this video well over a year ago and I would have loved to see it right there and then!

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Carina Sightings: Keiichi Tsuchiya ends up as a driving instructor!

How often do you see a Carina GT-R being reviewed? I bet rarely. It would be even much rarer to see it being reviewed by no other than Keiichi Tsuchiya! Yes, really: DK himself is reviewing a 1984 Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 that is for sale at Wonder in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture in Japan! His usual sidekick Sumire Sawa (沢すみれ) has been replaced by actress Nanako Aizawa who Keiichi keep calling Hachiko in this video. Hachiko will also get driving lessons from DK in the Carina in a second and third video further down below! The two (and the third man Takahiro Kudo) represent the Kurumaerabi car search website so I guess it is kind of sponsored content from them.

Carina GT-R reviewed by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Hachiko
Carina GT-R reviewed by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Hachiko (and Takahiro Kudo)
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