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Hilarious: Daijiro Inada can’t drift!

Imagine this: you are the founder of a very big video Magazine about drifting, you created your own drifting challenge, organize several big car shows, know most tuners and drifters in the world, but there is one problem: you can’t drift!

In this video he just smashes the whole rear end of his drift missile Silvia S13 in the sidewall and manages to eat some dust after going too wide in an easy corner.

Ah well, I probably wouldn’t do any better than him in the D1SL (and not even in any other event!) and besides that: I still have the most respect for the man who done it all!

Hilarious: Daijiro Inada versus Bosozoku master part 3

I just couldn’t stop laughing when I watched this video!
Remember Daijiro Inada visiting the bosozoku master Daisuke Shouten in part 1 and 2? (If not, don’t worry: a reminder is in the video itself) Now Daisuke Shouten finished his project on the Toyota Celsior UCF11 (Lexus LS400 outside Japan) to create a bosozoku VIP car! Or should I rather say a bippuzoku car? Or even better: bippuzokusha!

Have a look at it yourself:

t is amazing what he did with the car: he extended the front and the back of the car to 6.7 meters! The front was replaced with a set of headligths borrowed from an early 80s Toyota Crown S110. He added another row of seats where the trunk used to be and at the rear he replaced the taillights with a set of a Nissan Skyline KPGC10 GT-R! A fridge is placed where the front passenger seat used to be. And I did spot a fax machine in it to make it a real VIP car while a 24cm steering wheel and a tsurikawa dangling from the ceiling to finish it off as a true bosozoku car! ;)

Fortunately enough I did manage to find two pictures of this car which were taken at the Massuru meeting in 2005:
Bosozoku style Celsior VIP car by Daisuke Shouten
Bosozoku style Celsior VIP car by Daisuke Shouten

Then they just pick up this girl, asking if she would like to have a ride in it. Damn, even with a bippuzoku car you can pick up girls without any trouble!

Bosozoku style Celsior VIP car by Daisuke Shouten
Bosozoku style Celsior VIP car by Daisuke Shouten

It is also really funny when they meet up with this limo driver at 7:53. The limo driver also drives a Toyota Celsior and can’t believe that the car underneath is the same! And they also get a lot of respect from the kyusha style GX61 Cresta driver at a traffic light!

Thanks to White_Raven for finding this video! :)
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Rare Bosozoku cars: Nissan Cedric 230

This week we feature the Nissan Cedric (and Gloria) 230. In contrary of the Cedric/Gloria 330 it is a rare bosozoku car and we had a very hard time to find more than one picture!

Some time ago we featured a video of it already:

This full version shows everything about this great Cedric: it is spacious, it looks bad, got a great horn and this hardtop version doesn’t have a B pilar!

We even managed to find a picture of this beauty:
#23 Bosozoku style Nissan Cedric 230
#23 Bosozoku style Nissan Cedric 230

You see, it even got the stance right!

Compared to that this kyusha styled Cedric suddenly doesn’t look that stunning anymore:
Kyusha styled Nissan Cedric 230
Kyusha styled Nissan Cedric 230

The Cedric and Gloria 230 did share the same floorpan and body, but in contrary of the 330 they did not share the same face: they still had their individual front ends. Only starting with the 330 Nissan finally merged the two cars fully!

Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230
Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230

Both cars were featuring several L series inline 4 and inline 6 engines, so the L20, L24 and L26 were all available.

Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230
Factory stock Nissan Cedric 230

The Nissan Cedric/Gloria 230 is a rare sight at the bosozoku meetings and we do have an idea why. First reason:

Many 70s and 80s Japanese police series used/abused the Nissan Cedrics and Glorias to make spectacular car chases. It was not uncommon to wreck up to 15 or 20 cars per chase! And the biggest problem was that the Cedric and Gloria were mostly used as policecars, so they were wrecked in masses!

Second reason: the image of a policecar is not really appealing to a bosozoku!
And the third reason: rust! There are not many Cedrics and Glorias left.

Personally I do prefer the Cedric/Gloria 330 over the 230 and that’s probably just like every bosozoku boss would!

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Popular Bosozoku cars: Daisuke Shouten

Last week we featured three videos of Daijiro Inada and the Mark II platform. The poster of that video also posted part one of Daijiro Inada and Daisuke Shouten!

For people who are unfamiliar with him: he creates the most bizarre bosozoku rides! It is more a sport for him to create something exceptional than to perfection a zokusha into something beautiful!

Have a look at his bizarre creations:

I love the Corona JZT141 sedan! It looks bad and with the 1JZ swap it is bad!

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Hilarious: Drifting with 4 people in a KE70

I really had to laugh about this video:

Ken Nomura, Daijiro Inada and Manabu Suzuki start drooling over a nicely 4AGE carbed Toyota Corolla KE70 with SSR Longchamps and the driver offers them a round on the circuit. The KE70 still has the rear bench, so why not cramp all four of them in that 4 door Corolla?

Inada sits, of course, shotgun while Nomuken and Suzuki are doomed to sit on the rear bench. This requires some squeezing by Suzuki to get in (I recon it was no trouble at all to get inside for Nomuken! ;) ) and as you can see there are no seatbelts in the rear. :D

When the driver takes off it starts snowing and you can hear at the straight all three shouting hayai. The driver probably must have scared them a bit!! :D :D

Hilarious: Riki Takeuchi’s split personality

While doing research for Bosozoku Style blog I came across an interview with Riki Takeuchi by Knuckles TV:

You may know him for his acting skills: he played bad guys in several major movies, like Battle Royale and Dead or Alive for instance, but his acting career started already in the mid 80s! Back then he already played Bosozoku bikers, so his acting career hasn’t changed much since!

This guy really has a split personality! At one side he is the actor Riki Takeuchi who plays tough guy roles and on the other side he is the Yakuza/Bosozoku/etc singer RIKI.
Riki Takeuchi the actor
Riki Takeuchi the actor

Riki Takeuchi the singer
Riki Takeuchi the singer

His looks are a bit of a crossover between Daijiro Inada and Elvis and his music videos are mainly the same: him singing as the tough Yakuza/Bosozoku guy with either a lot of flashy dancers, big trucks or even battling bears! I wonder where I did see that all before??

Especially this video is great:

Supahwwwwwwwawe! :D
I think RIKI just got a new fan! ;)

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