Hilarious: Riki Takeuchi’s split personality

March 27, 2009 in hilarious by banpei

While doing research for Bosozoku Style blog I came across an interview with Riki Takeuchi by Knuckles TV:

You may know him for his acting skills: he played bad guys in several major movies, like Battle Royale and Dead or Alive for instance, but his acting career started already in the mid 80s! Back then he already played Bosozoku bikers, so his acting career hasn’t changed much since!

This guy really has a split personality! At one side he is the actor Riki Takeuchi who plays tough guy roles and on the other side he is the Yakuza/Bosozoku/etc singer RIKI.
Riki Takeuchi the actor
Riki Takeuchi the actor

Riki Takeuchi the singer
Riki Takeuchi the singer

His looks are a bit of a crossover between Daijiro Inada and Elvis and his music videos are mainly the same: him singing as the tough Yakuza/Bosozoku guy with either a lot of flashy dancers, big trucks or even battling bears! I wonder where I did see that all before??

Especially this video is great:

Supahwwwwwwwawe! 😀
I think RIKI just got a new fan! 😉