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AE86 Trivia: Toyota AE86 windhield replacement found!

I bought my USDM Corolla AE86 with a cracked windshield. This was mainly due to a design flaw in the AE86: the support for the windshield is a watertrap and after trapping water for more than 20 years it rusts through from underneath. Naturally this stresses the windshield and hence it cracks. So I accepted the cracked windshield, took it out and had its support repaired before replacing the windshield. Then the problems started: a replacement was not easy to find.

Carglass was only able to source a Corolla AE82 windshield and with help from Toyota Netherlands they sourced a windshield from the UK. I’ve heard from many other AE86 owners it is a big problem to find a new windshield nowadays because apparently the AE86 windshield is almost extinct now… So currently the options are either pray or find a used windshield…

Yesterday I read some breaking news on AEU86: a windshield replacement has been found for the AE86!
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia

ZaX mentioned someone told him (max_ae86?) that the Daewoo/Chevrolet Nexia windshield is a 99% fit and the only thing you need to adjust to make it fit is put a little bit more glue on the topcenter (where the rear view mirror is mounted) to make it fit properly.
I know from experience that the EUDM windshield is the same as the USDM, but I have no clue if the JDM windshield is the same…

This is the exact model Nexia you need to borrow your windshield from:
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia
AE86 windshield replacement: Daewoo Nexia

The added benefit of this windshield is that you will have a shaded band on top of the windshield as well! So start hoarding those second generation Nexias!


  1. Tizer

    As the Nexia obviously is a copy of the old Opel Kadett E (Vauxhall Astra), won’t the Kadett windshield fit too? You can find plenty of Kadett windshields here in Europe, as those Kadetts rust like crazy and you’ll find them in the scrapyard.

  2. Andrew

    You might want to get in contact with a few Australian glass suppliers. I got a replacement windscreen (windshield) for my AE86 2 years back no problem – They might not ship them that far, but they might be able to give you the name of their supplier who probably will.

    This is one of the larger auto glass chains:

  3. banpei

    The first generation Nexia was a direct copy of the Kadett E, but the second generation Nexia was not. So they do differ and won’t fit.

  4. banpei

    Thanks! I’ve sent them an email. ;)

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