As promised: some more pictures from HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012 and this time the pictures from which I thought they were beautiful in one or another way…
HaCHiRoCK 2012
First of all this picture showed you in one glance all the possibilities of the zenki Levin front end. Even though the one up front is not factory panda white this inverse panda actually does look good!

Then this picture is similar to the one I posted up yesterday:
HaCHiRoCK 2012
However seen from a different angle makes it even better! How many styles can you capture in one shot?

The third picture is not the photograph itself, but rather the Levin displayed in the photo:
HaCHiRoCK 2012
It does look factory stock apart from its bonnet and non dished TE37s but it looks damn good!

Last but not least is this beauty:
HaCHiRoCK 2012
Actual prove that Dino Dale Carbonare actually attended HaCHiRoCK this year. ;)
BTW: he shot some awesome wheel pictures at HaCHiRoCK!

Pictures found at (in no particular order): Doo Wah wolf @ Minkara, M.E.V. @ Minkara and Gaku ver. 2 @ Minkara