Today’s video features a Finnish two-door Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 in Supra White and, unlike the title suggests, no 4A-GE screams in this video. Nevertheless, this video is a must-see! Let me explain why!

7300 päivää - Toyota Corolla GT AE86
7300 päivää – Toyota Corolla GT AE86

A rapper, a DJ, a tango dancer and a singer

The song itself was written by Finnish rap artist HesaÄijä (Marios Kleovoulou) and DJ Oku Luukkainen. The song itself is about HesaÄijä’s first love Korhosen Taina. Also, I don’t speak Finnish, so I have to admit I first wrongly assumed the title 7300 Päivää meant something like 7300 rpm screaming 4A-GE. But that turned out to be a very wrong assumption as it translates to 7300 days. You can find the full lyrics of 7300 Päivää here.

Danny and Erika

7300 päivää - Erika Vikman and Danny
7300 päivää – Erika Vikman and Danny

Now you may wonder who the other two characters are in this video. The woman is Erika Vikman, who is a Finnish singer-songwriter. She’s most famous for dancing tango in the Finnish Dancing with the Stars and also writing a song called Cicciolina and entering this for the Finnish Eurovision Songfestival selection for 2020. The song she wrote and performed is about Hungarian pornstar Cicciolina and she came in second during the finals. The old guy is Ilkka Johannes Lipsanen, better known under his stage name Danny. On top of this, Danny and Erika Vikman were in a relationship between 2016 and 2020. In case you are wondering, yes there is a 50-year age gap between the two. The couple were still together when this song was released in 2019.


Let’s dive a bit into the lyrics of the song. The song starts with someone (rapped by HesaÄijä) driving his Toyota Corolla Levin together with his girlfriend through Helsinki. She leaves him to study abroad in Germany and their relationship tanks and ends. The chorus is that it has been 7300 days since he last heard her voice. The song shifts perspective to the girl (sung by Erika) who left and, after 7300 days, she wonders if she could still sit in his Corolla. She says her front seat is always available for him. Danny takes care of the chorus It’s been 7300 days since I last heard your voice. It’s unclear if the song is autobiographical for HesaÄijä, Oku or Erika and if any of them ever owned an AE86.

Origins of the song

According to this source, it was actually Erika who wanted to do a Eurobeat / Eurodance-like song together with Danny to show how great their relationship was. And what better way to dress up Eurodance as Eurobeat than with a Corolla AE86?

You can watch the video clip below:

The Corolla AE86

7300 päivää - Corolla AE86 with Haslbeck trim
7300 päivää – Corolla AE86 with Haslbeck trim

Naturally, I have to also describe the Corolla AE86 used in this video. The car is a, presumably, Supra White Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16. Even though the two-door AE86 was sold in Finland, the origins of the car may not be Finnish. The car features the Haslbeck trim. The front bumper of the car is a zenki bumper with the Haslbeck lip and you can recognize it as it has a distinctive lip featuring two rectangular fog lights. The side skirts are also the Haslbeck items and under the rear bumper, there are also two skirts mounted. The only Haslbeck trim piece missing is the boot lid spoiler. The Haslbeck trim was only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The latter two countries only sold three-door AE86-es, so could this car originate from Germany?

7300 päivää - Corolla AE86 modified with Sparco bucket seats
7300 päivää – Corolla AE86 modified with Sparco bucket seats

The car has received some modifications though. The most prominent is the grill swap where the zenki louvre grill has been replaced by a kouki plexiglass item. Also, the headlights seem to have been tinted slightly. And in the video, we can observe the front seats have been replaced by two Sparco bucket seats. Finally, the wheels are a set of Rays Volk Racing TE37Vs.

7300 päivää - Corolla AE86 with Volk Racing TE37V wheels
7300 päivää – Corolla AE86 with Volk Racing TE37V wheels

I managed to find a photo of this Corolla AE86 at Vappu Cruising 2019, but as it’s copyrighted to a professional photographer, I can’t post it here. Head over there to see the photo.


The song is likeable but due to its pessimistic tone would rather be classified as Eurodance. Oku Luukkainen did his best to dress up Eurodance with the typical Eurobeat sound. HesaÄijä’s raps are excellent and fit this Eurobeat perfectly well. Erika is the perfect Leslie Parrish and Danny puts down a perfect Dave Rodgers impersonation.

I like the fact that they used an AE86 in both the lyrics and the clip. The song is a simple one, but the AE86 doesn’t seem to be out of place. The AE86 itself is a beautiful well preserved street car and I’d love the mild modifications applied to it.