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It’s been 7300 days since I last heard your 4A-GE scream – Friday Video

Today’s video features a Finnish two-door Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 in Supra White and, unlike the title suggests, no 4A-GE screams in this video. Nevertheless, this video is a must-see! Let me explain why!

7300 päivää - Toyota Corolla GT AE86
7300 päivää – Toyota Corolla GT AE86

A rapper, a DJ, a tango dancer and a singer

The song itself was written by Finnish rap artist HesaÄijä (Marios Kleovoulou) and DJ Oku Luukkainen. The song itself is about HesaÄijä’s first love Korhosen Taina. Also, I don’t speak Finnish, so I have to admit I first wrongly assumed the title 7300 Päivää meant something like 7300 rpm screaming 4A-GE. But that turned out to be a very wrong assumption as it translates to 7300 days. You can find the full lyrics of 7300 Päivää here.

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Carina Sightings: white Carina GT-R E-AA63 on white Volks

I’m not very fond of Volk racing rims nor led headlights on (modern) nostalgics, however I do think they suit this white Carina GT-R well:
White Carina GT-R E-AA63 with led headlights
White Carina GT-R E-AA63 with led headlights

The Carina is a five speed manual with an AE92 4AGE engine swap, controlled by a Freedom ECU. Too bad the owner did not post up more pictures, info and specs of this Carina, so it is unknown which 4AGE (smallport of bigport) it is… :(

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