The Mazda Cosmo HB always has been one of my favorite eighties cars:
Mazda Cosmo HB Rotary Turbo
As a young kid I kept looking through the Mazda brochures my dad once got at the dealership when he was looking for a wagon and regretted he walked out of the showroom without asking for testdrive in the new Mazda 929, the piston version of the Mazda Cosmo HB.

Of course the Japanese version of the car was featuring a lot more than the 929 spinoff we got:

Not only did it feature the Rotary Turbo (or should I have written Lotaly Tawbo?) but also its wing mounted mirrors look much better than our European door mounted ones and you can imagine all the other options that were not in the brochures I looked through as a kid…

Direct link to video: 1982 MAZDA COSMO Ad