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Commercial time: Rotary Turbo

The Mazda Cosmo HB always has been one of my favorite eighties cars:
Mazda Cosmo HB Rotary Turbo
As a young kid I kept looking through the Mazda brochures my dad once got at the dealership when he was looking for a wagon and regretted he walked out of the showroom without asking for testdrive in the new Mazda 929, the piston version of the Mazda Cosmo HB.

Of course the Japanese version of the car was featuring a lot more than the 929 spinoff we got: Continue reading

Friday video: enjoy a ride in this Mazda Cosmo HB

Compared to yesterdays RX7 this bone stock Cosmo may look a bit dull. Outside Japan it was sold as the Mazda 929 with a 2 liter piston engine and the 929s from Germany and Switzerland are currently flooding the Netherlands, and this Cosmo HB does feature the Rotary Turbo!

You can also enjoy a Japanese cover of France Gall’s Poupee de cire, Poupee de son (actually Serge Gainsbourg wrote that for her) and imagine you are driving through the Japanese landscape yourself. A added benefit is that the whining rotary actually makes the song even more enjoyable! ;)

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