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Shakotan Civic on Hayashi Streets

Three weeks ago I posted this Honda Civic in my Down on the Street regular. Back then I assumed that Hayashi Street rims are so rare and hard to find in the Netherlands that they were the Rota Shakotan knock offs.

And boy was I wrong there! Only three days later Bas Kuiper wrote the first comment that they are actually genuine. So I met up with him last Thursday, had a chat and shot some pictures of those very rare Hayashis and, of course, his Civic:
Honda Civic EG on Hayashi Street rims
His Civic is lowered so much we had to meet up down the road as his Civic probably would have hit the speedbumps. In the end the spot itself turned out to be a very nice background. :)

A picture to prove the wheels are genuine Hayashi Streets: Continue reading

Down on the Street: Shakotan Civic?

Last Friday I was commuting by car to my work and just got around the block of my house, spotted something in the left corner of my eye and slammed on the brakes real hard. Why? Well this is why:
Honda Civic Rota Shakotan
Yes, my eyes did not deceive me for a split second: I slammed my brakes for a set of Hayashi Street knock offs (They are genuine!) on this Honda Civic EG. :)
Still these Rota Shakotan (that’s what they are called) still look good on this Civic. ;)
Edit: they are genuine!

BTW: Don’t mind the bad quality of the picture: after the only parking spot that was left the day before was under a tree I found my car covered in bird-crap and I tried to make my side windows at least a bit more visible, hence all the fuzzy stuff in the picture. :o

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