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Down on the Street: HellaHi Civic EG in the rain

Today was a rainy day and it kind of ruined my schedule this morning to take a small video clip of some car I’d like to feature in Down on the Street with a video. Nevertheless in the afternoon I spotted this HellaHi Civic EG when I wanted to pick up my son:
HellaHi Honda Civic EG
Of course I left the GoPro at home and I have no real dashcam. So the phonecam had to do all the work. It was a shame I could not take more pictures as the whole line of cars started to move and after the railway crossing I had to take a left turn. Too many things to do at the same time and otherwise it would have been dangerous.

I followed the EG for two or three streets as it was going in the same direction, but there were no other opportunities to take photos. This Honda Civic EG was done nicely with white rims with stretched tires that were nicely tucked underneath the fenders. Stickers were a set of HellaHi/Fatlace/Illest and the car wasn’t really HellaFlush at all, so therefore I called it the HellaHi Civic EG. ;)

Down on the Street: Forgotten Glory Civic EJ

I was hesitating whether to post this Honda Civic coupe EJ as a rustoseum or as Down on the Street, but as it is more a funguseum than a rustoseum it became the latter…
Forgotten Glory Honda Civic Coupe EJ
I did spotted this Civic coupe driving around my hometown frequently several years ago but apparently its owner lost interest in it.

I first did see it parked around this spot about two years ago, moving to its current location about a year ago: Continue reading

Shakotan Civic on Hayashi Streets

Three weeks ago I posted this Honda Civic in my Down on the Street regular. Back then I assumed that Hayashi Street rims are so rare and hard to find in the Netherlands that they were the Rota Shakotan knock offs.

And boy was I wrong there! Only three days later Bas Kuiper wrote the first comment that they are actually genuine. So I met up with him last Thursday, had a chat and shot some pictures of those very rare Hayashis and, of course, his Civic:
Honda Civic EG on Hayashi Street rims
His Civic is lowered so much we had to meet up down the road as his Civic probably would have hit the speedbumps. In the end the spot itself turned out to be a very nice background. :)

A picture to prove the wheels are genuine Hayashi Streets: Continue reading

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