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Car feature: Bulgarian Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra

Dido posted a comment under a post I wrote about the Mitsubishi Galant Sigma that he owns one. So I followed the links and found his Facebook page which is scattered with images of his pride and joy:
Bulgarian Misubishi Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra
Naturally it is an import, but it is actually no one else than the Japanese Ambassador who brought it to Bulgaria! But the previous owners thought it was junk and did no maintenance on it and left it for four years in a field. That’s when Dido bought the car.

It is just amazing how much switchgear you can mount in a car:
Bulgarian Misubishi Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra
It is filled up with early 80s gadgets: cornerlights, the doors automatically lock when the car drives faster than 20km/h, ECU prevents engine from overheating and the list of gadgets just continues…

And what is next to the steering wheel?
Bulgarian Misubishi Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra
Aircon controls with auto climate, fan speed, wipers… And the fan speed set to auto is increased when the sun shines a bit more on a sensor under the windshield! Amazing!

And obviously you need to drive in style, so typically JDM chesterfield seats included in the package:
Bulgarian Misubishi Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra
This car really amazed me in every way possible!

You can find more pictures here: Dido’s MMC Galant Sigma Hardtop CS

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  1. Delian Kostov

    Thanks bro! Im very glad to see my car here :)Keep it up friend!

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