Okay the owner/uploader’s name might be a bit confusing, but skyline2000gtexturbo is really enjoying his Carina GT Turbo very much. So much he posted a couple of videos to Youtube!

First of all, the introduction of the Carina:

What else could you add to a zenki Carina GT Turbo TA63 than a set of RS Watanabe rims? Well, they are only up front and unfortunately the rear features a set of the well known Toyota Snowflakes.

So how does it drive then?

Well, given it is an automatic it drives really smooth! Compared to my 2T powered automatic it is a lot less noisy and about twice as powerful. ;)

So what about the engine then?

The engine sounds really healthy… You can hardly hear the stock turbo. Smooth, very smooth…

Also in case you are interested, skyline2000gtexturbo also made one video sitting in the Carina with a long monologue about all features, specs of the Carina and how it was placed in the market. You can find that video here.
You can also find his blog here: ta63turbos.

Direct links to video: 1st video, 2nd video, 3rd video