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Car feature: Bulgarian Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra

Dido posted a comment under a post I wrote about the Mitsubishi Galant Sigma that he owns one. So I followed the links and found his Facebook page which is scattered with images of his pride and joy:
Bulgarian Misubishi Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra
Naturally it is an import, but it is actually no one else than the Japanese Ambassador who brought it to Bulgaria! But the previous owners thought it was junk and did no maintenance on it and left it for four years in a field. That’s when Dido bought the car.

It is just amazing how much switchgear you can mount in a car: Continue reading

Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra

Remember the Galant Sigma Eterna I featured in the commercial time some time ago? It had also a commercial showing the Cyclone engine, so how about a video which allows you to hear that engine?

This Mitsubishi Sigma 2000 Hardtop CS Extra included the 2 liter 6G71 Cyclone engine. Super smooth two liter engine and with all the extras this car is an amazing achievement in engineering!

Also look at all that weird switch gear! Only manufacturer coming near to that was Citroen.

Even though the car looks great, is a super smooth ride, I still wouldn’t like to own it: it is not old enough. ;)

edit: forgot to add the videos! Added them now!

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