Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra

Remember the Galant Sigma Eterna I featured in the commercial time some time ago? It had also a commercial showing the Cyclone engine, so how about a video which allows you to hear that engine?

This Mitsubishi Sigma 2000 Hardtop CS Extra included the 2 liter 6G71 Cyclone engine. Super smooth two liter engine and with all the extras this car is an amazing achievement in engineering!

Also look at all that weird switch gear! Only manufacturer coming near to that was Citroen.

Even though the car looks great, is a super smooth ride, I still wouldn’t like to own it: it is not old enough. ;)

edit: forgot to add the videos! Added them now!


  1. B-San

    Uhm, I’m missing something here? :)

  2. banpei

    Thanks! I forgot to add the videos… Never happened before! :(

  3. dido

    I have galant sigma hardtop cs ht 1984 ;) Great car! But is really rare… Here you can see my car:

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