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Wangan Warriors meeting 10: the oldskool

Not only hard tuned cars were present on the Wangan Warriors meeting, but also a lot of oldskool cars from the 80s and early 90s.
I already posted the decals of this original Suzuki Swift GTi before, but here it is in full glory:
Suzuki Swift GTi

Also this original Skyline GT-R R32 can nowadays almost be considered as a classic:
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32
Even though this particular GT-R is one of the last that hit the road in 1994 its lines are still very late 80s/early 90s!
A side note to this: this GT-R was only one of the few real Skyline GT-Rs on the meeting: most of them were the RB25DET variants with GT-R looks. Nowadays the prices of Skylines plummeted and you can buy a genuine BNR32 for around 6000 euros and a ER33 from 4000 euros onwards.

Do you notice the guy covered with a blanket in there? He was suffering from a hangover and wanted to get a nap. So when I took a picture things got a bit hilarious:
Helping out his buddy
The owner said since he was sitting in a Skyline he was doing nasty things under the blanket, so two of his buddies joined him…

And before I knew it the owner joined in as well:
Four guys cuddling in the front seat of a GT-R? Ehrm….

Later when things cooled down I took this photo with my mini tripod:
Skyline GT-R R32
This really gives you an idea of how impressive late 80s designed car actually is!

Another impressive classic featured this engine:
Twin cam 12 valve turbo!
Twin Cam 12 valve turbo! It is a bit hard to see, but there actually is a (small) intercooler on this car!

I spoke to the owner and this Daihatsu Charade GT-Ti Twin Cam 12 valve EFI turbo (that’s what it said on the side) is actually originally Dutch including the engine!
Daihatsu Cuore twin cam 12 valve EFI turbo
The owner bolted a larger turbo on it and now the engine outputs 150hp! Very impressive for a one liter 3 cylinder engine!

Obviously I can deny seeing early-80s cars either. So what about this second generation Civic?
Roofracked Civic
In excellent condition and with its roofrack and modern rims zapped into the crazes of the 10s. ;)

This Silvia Turbo was unfortunately the only S12 on the meeting:
Nissan Silvia S12
It still features the stock CA18ET with a larger turbo (toerbo!) and is currently used as a drift missile. The owner was a nice guy and told me it was going to be SR20-ed soon.

Another early 80s car was this unfamiliar hachi:
Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86
With unfamiliar I actually mean it was unfamiliar for me. I did know about its existence because the owner lurks around on AEU86 but I never saw any pictures of it. It had a long history before the current owner bought it: it was originally sold in Germany, then in the early 90s imported to the Netherlands, then imported to Belgium and this summer it returned to the Netherlands again (hence the early 90s plates).

The car was immaculate and I couldn’t find a spec of rust on it!
Toyota Corolla AE86
Its snowflakes are temporary rims since the owner was restoring the Celica Supra rims to its former glory!

A pair of 70s cars also arrived later on the spot and parked right next to my Carina:
Two great vehicles
A Mazda 929 (UK import) and a Suzuki SC100 GX on a set of KN Jupiter rims.

Last but not least, my very own Carina:
I have to borrow this picture from DarkSupra of JDM Society since I didn’t even bother to take a photograph of my own car!

One one more feature to go, so hang on for the surprise tomorrow! ;)


  1. Tizer

    KN Jupiter wheels.. Never heard of them. I was already wondering what the wheels on the Suzuki where. Thanks, now I know!

    • banpei

      I’ve seen them before but I couldn’t come up with the name. solved it for me. :P

      • Ron

        I’m the sc100’s owner, at the time I really parked next to your carina on purpose :P. Anyway… really like your blog and noticed you have a few sc100 entries. You might like this full race spec fronte coupe for your Japanese rustoseum saga:

        • banpei

          Thanks for the complement and great to see you (and your sc100) around here!
          Same thing here: I always try to park my car next to another oldtimer, just like I did at the JAF2011 and JAF2012.
          That race spec fronte is awesome! Thanks for sharing and it will certainly be posted on the blog soon! :)

  2. Thomas

    That S12 was Dennis’ S12 a year ago! He bought it as an engine donor for his Bluebird, but sold the complete car. Guess what he’s looking for now… :P Yes, S12 parts to make the CA18ET in his 910 working …

    • banpei

      It’s a small world after all. ;)
      Well, apparently it is now well used.

  3. jotoa

    amazing sir, just amazing meeting.

    • banpei

      It was indeed. When took the pictured I didn’t have the feeling there were that many oldies around, but during writing I realized that about 30% of the pictures I took were pre-90s.

  4. Nigel

    Great pictures, thanks for posting these.

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