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WW Kick-off 2013: Nissan Cima Grand Touring

It is a shame Nissan’s competitor of the Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS series) never made it to anywhere else than Japan and the US. Of course this Nissan Cima Y33 escaped Japan and fled to Europe, but it will always be an alien around here…
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Cima
I’m happy it was a Cima that escaped and not an Infinity Q45 as the Cima is much better looking than its USDM twin-sister. If you squint your eyes you can even see it as a bigger Toyota Chaser JZX100 that was from the exact same era.

Of course the Chaser never met the luxury of the Cima, let alone the Grand Touring package: Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: Shuttle love!

Walking together with the group we slowly approached this white Shuttle. I already had seen it but still the chanting of “shuttle-shuttle-shuttle” surprised me. Yes I had joined a group of Honda enthusiasts. ;)
Wangan Warriors: Honda Civic Shuttle
The shuttle itself was basically bone-stock, apart from (oversized) rims.

I also took a picture up front: Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: the ubiquitous Nissan Skylines

I remember meetings where once a Nissan Skyline entered the place it immediately drew all attention because seeing one was so rare! Nowadays it is actually the opposite: nobody turns their heads anymore and “exotics” like a Silvia S15 tend to gather crowds of people.

It is actually a bit of a shame as this Skyline was rather interesting:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Skyline BNCR33 by Hasemi
It looks like your average Skyline R33 GTST with a ridiculously oversized intercooler, but if you get closer…

…you will spot this interesting tuner badge: Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: Rusty Reborn!

This incredible project was parked on the other side of the road of the meetup (used as the parking lot) and created by an ex-MX5 owner. It is, obviously, heavily inspired by Mike Burroughs’ Rusty ratty 5 series beemer.
Wangan Warriors: the new Rusty 5 series
I must say he did an excellent job on lowering the car. It may not look as low as the original, but believe me it can’t be lowered more than this unless the exhaust gets modified.
Even though this E28 is only a 520i the owner promised me something bigger/beefier will get swapped in. :)

A nice detail was this ill-fitted 80s radio antenna. Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: Nissan Sil80 S13 lucky shot

I think this photo was my luckiest shot during the meetup:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Sil80 S13
Basically I was making an attempt to shoot the Sil80 from several angles and all of a sudden one of the people in the background started to make weird gestures. So I moved around just a bit to the right, shot and prayed the aperture and exposure would be alright. I was lucky there! ;)

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