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WW Kick-off 2013: Nissan Cima Grand Touring

It is a shame Nissan’s competitor of the Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS series) never made it to anywhere else than Japan and the US. Of course this Nissan Cima Y33 escaped Japan and fled to Europe, but it will always be an alien around here…
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Cima
I’m happy it was a Cima that escaped and not an Infinity Q45 as the Cima is much better looking than its USDM twin-sister. If you squint your eyes you can even see it as a bigger Toyota Chaser JZX100 that was from the exact same era.

Of course the Chaser never met the luxury of the Cima, let alone the Grand Touring package:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Cima

Just like the Lexus LS series the Cima featured a V8:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan Cima
A VH41DE to be more precise. Lesser models also were available with the VQ30DET known from the Gloria/Cedric.
Now if it weren’t that thirsty I would trade in any car for this Cima any day!


  1. Nigel

    Maybe the biggest Japanese car at the show.
    (Still like the Toyota Crown more).

  2. barry

    never seen this shots of my car, thanks ;)

    • banpei

      You’re welcome! :)

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