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Auctions Yahoo: Black Limited AE86 gauge cluster

Disclaimer: I’m not selling this! I posted this because it MAY interest someone as it is a super rare object. Don’t ask me any questions regarding the object as I do not own it!

If anyone has 40000 yen spare (roughly about 300 euro) you can buy an original Black Limited gauge cluster for your AE86:
Toyota Sprinter Trueno Black Limited AE86 gauge cluster Auctions Yahoo
Four hundred Black Limited cars were made and one of the distinguishing items on the car was an orange gauge cluster. So if you are building your own Black Limited copy you can make it a bit more genuine by buying this cluster. A whole lot better than making your own using an orange marker on your original cluster… ;)

On a sidenote: I missed this one in the AE86 Trivia about the various gauge clusters, so I’ll add this one later on.

You can find the auction here:
Black Limited AE86 gauge cluster for sale at Auctions Yahoo
If you need any help buying and importing this cluster to your country, you can use companies like Hayatonka to get them for you. Be aware that the total price can be a bit more than the 300 euros price of the auction. :P


  1. Fez


    Here’s some pics of my Australian delivered gauge cluster for your collection.
    New Zealand has some very relaxed rules about car imports, so they would pretty much have the whole spectrum of Japanese spec gauges, i don’t think there was a special ‘NZ spec’ cluster.

    • banpei

      Thanks! Very much appreciated!
      I see the main difference is that the redline on the tacho is starting ad 6K

      • Fez

        Yep, we Aussies only got the lowly carburetted 4AC from the factory (all the 4age powered cars are either engine swaps or grey imports). You were lucky to get it up to 5.5K.

        We also only got the Zenki dash, as they stopped selling them in/before 1985.

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