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Wangan Warriors meeting 10: it was a bit misty

As said in the first impressions posting: it was misty…
To give you an impression, it was this misty:
It is quite misty out there!
On the positive side it could theoretically be beneficial for taking photos at a smaller diaphragm without losing the depth of field. Unfortunately mist also means there is less light, so I had great difficulty to go higher than 5.6 on one of my lenses…

But this photo of a white Sil80 is a good example of that effect:
Nissan Sil80
Even though I set the diaphragm on the lens between 8 and 11 it doesn’t make the background tack sharp due to the fog and thus the Sil80 stands out more from the background. But this photo was actually more an exceptional achievement. ;)

The owner of the Sil80 left a bottle on top of the car when I took the initial photo, but he was friendly enough to remove it for a second shot.
Nissan Sil80
At the rear you can see the all familiar 200SX that was used as a base for this facelift.

Another fine example of the mist:
It was a bit misty
On the front right a fraction of the Mitsubishi Eclipse I posted a long time ago in Down on the Street, front right one of the JDM Society Mazda NAs, immediately followed by Oldskull’s Levin AE86. Identifying cars after 10 meters is getting a bit more difficult than usual. ;)

Then some impressions of the road conditions on our way back home:
AE86 and Eclipse
On average we had up to 30 meters clear view and about 100 meters sight. Since we were driving in a road train I didn’t see harm in taking these photos.

And this can only happen when you leave a meeting like the Wangan Warriors 10 meeting:
EVO VI, R33 and AE86
A Lancer EVO (VI?), Skyline GT-R R33 and an AE86 in one shot! The Lancer and Skyline (not the stickerbombed from previous posting) blasted their way through the mist resulting in a couple of nice photographs including this one. ;)

Two more posts to go and I’m done with WW10, so stay tuned for the oldskool cars posting tomorrow.

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  1. Nigel

    Nice pictures, looking forward to the old school stuff !

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