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JDM Trivia #2: Ridiculously long car names

Welcome to JDM Trivia #2!

For some time now I have been pondering about the ridiculously long car names for the 80s and 90s JDM cars. I gathered data from various Japanese car manufacturers, made a potential selection of models, looked up their brochures and wrote down the name as advertised.
JDM Trivia #2: Ridiculously long car names
What I did was probably not a very good scientific approach but for a long shot this probably will do and I may have left out two or three ridiculously long car names this way. As I’m a database guru I put everything in a database and made my calculations based on that.

This is probably what you are waiting for: why I put those particular five cars in the teaser. Well that’s because they are the top five longest car names. So here we go from five to one.

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Sanctuary: the Initial D Fujiwara Tofu shop (Haruna)

Yes, a new idea/section/regular just emerged: sanctuaries!
Why? Well basically last night I suffered from insomnia and for whatever reason my mind wandered to the original Initial D Tofu shop which is located in Shibukawan next to Mount Haruna (the town called Akina in Initial D) and that the original tofu shop has been demolished about three years ago. This is the photo Alexi took to prove it has been demolished:
Sanctuary: Intitial D Fujiwara Tofu Shop in Haruna
So I was wondering how many fanboys actually posed (or their cars) in front of the tofu shop when visiting Shibukawan or Mount Haruna, so here is a whole gallery of cars, tofu shops and people posing in front of it!

Also in case you are wondering where to find the place, this is the location on Google Streetview: Continue reading

Down on the Street: EVO IX on the third floor!

I spotted this Mitsubishi EVO nine two weeks ago in a parking garage in my hometown.
2007 Mitsubishi Evo IX
It is a bit hard to see on this blurry picture, but there was a pair of glasses on the dash that literally shouted “old guy in midlife-crisis”.

My biggest objection against the EVO is the too-big-for-my-taste wing on its tail:
2007 Mitsubishi Evo IX
I can remember seeing a modified EVO IX some time ago where the big wing was replaced by a saner little small wing. Perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing. ;)

This EVO definitely was one of the cleanest I’ve seen so far, but given the glasses it could hardly be trashed.

Wangan Warriors meeting 10: it was a bit misty

As said in the first impressions posting: it was misty…
To give you an impression, it was this misty:
It is quite misty out there!
On the positive side it could theoretically be beneficial for taking photos at a smaller diaphragm without losing the depth of field. Unfortunately mist also means there is less light, so I had great difficulty to go higher than 5.6 on one of my lenses…

But this photo of a white Sil80 is a good example of that effect: Continue reading

DOTS: Real Mistubishi Lancer Evolution!

Mitsubishi assigned a number to each evolution of the Lancer rally car with four wheel drive and a 4G63T engine (after 2008 the 4B11T), so the EVO VI would actually be the sixth evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer rally car.

I found this seventh generation Lancer powered by the 1.3 4G13 parked around the corner earlier this summer but never actually placed the pictures here.
Real Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!
However the time is right: as you can see this Lancer isn’t ready yet. It only had some striping, vinyl cut banner and some alloys distinguish it from how it looked when it left the factory.

Last Saturday I thought I spotted an actual EVO but found to be surprised it was the same car! I followed it and managed to take a snapshot of it while taking a roundabout: Continue reading

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