Yes, a new idea/section/regular just emerged: sanctuaries!
Why? Well basically last night I suffered from insomnia and for whatever reason my mind wandered to the original Initial D Tofu shop which is located in Shibukawan next to Mount Haruna (the town called Akina in Initial D) and that the original tofu shop has been demolished about three years ago. This is the photo Alexi took to prove it has been demolished:
Sanctuary: Intitial D Fujiwara Tofu Shop in Haruna
So I was wondering how many fanboys actually posed (or their cars) in front of the tofu shop when visiting Shibukawan or Mount Haruna, so here is a whole gallery of cars, tofu shops and people posing in front of it!

Also in case you are wondering where to find the place, this is the location on Google Streetview:

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And here is the gallery:

I know there are more of these images to be found but this is what I could find during one evening. ;)

Tofu shop pictures via MacGyver, E39 Haruna piedmont, kawamoyo, jef-minato, SHIFT_driver’s confidence, Take The A-Line!, Rover, gc4103, Travelguide Kuchikomi, 17utt, EVO Shine, ZGok and Everlasting pleasure with AP2
Demolished pictures via Nori Yaro.