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When an Altezza RS200 decides to marry a Corolla Levin AE86 – AE86 Wall of Shame

About three years ago Lavender posted a weird car he encountered in traffic: a Toyota Altezza RS200 with the nose of a Corolla Levin AE86 crafted on it! The job looks a bit rough, but the idea is excellent!

Altezza RS200 with Levin AE86 front - as seen by Lavender
Altezza RS200 with Levin AE86 front – as seen by Lavender

This caused a bit of a stir in the AE86 community, but ultimately we actually like it very much! The Carina AA63 GT-R is named the four door hachi-roku, but this could be a modern interpretation of that! Let’s see some other photos and angles of this modern interpretation!

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Sanctuary: the Initial D Fujiwara Tofu shop (Haruna)

Yes, a new idea/section/regular just emerged: sanctuaries!
Why? Well basically last night I suffered from insomnia and for whatever reason my mind wandered to the original Initial D Tofu shop which is located in Shibukawan next to Mount Haruna (the town called Akina in Initial D) and that the original tofu shop has been demolished about three years ago. This is the photo Alexi took to prove it has been demolished:
Sanctuary: Intitial D Fujiwara Tofu Shop in Haruna
So I was wondering how many fanboys actually posed (or their cars) in front of the tofu shop when visiting Shibukawan or Mount Haruna, so here is a whole gallery of cars, tofu shops and people posing in front of it!

Also in case you are wondering where to find the place, this is the location on Google Streetview: Continue reading

Down on the Street: JDM Toyota Altezza SXE10

Now for something more refreshing after all those Hungarian Honda Civics: a JDM Toyota Altezza SXE10!
Down on the Street: Toyota Altezza
Last Wednesday I was enroute (by bike) to pick up my son from school when in a blink of an eye I spotted something wrong with the “Lexus IS200” on the other side of the street. I quickly grabbed my phone and took the picture above.

There was indeed something odd and it wasn’t only being RHD, nor the JDM Altezza grille and after market bumper: Continue reading

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