Now for something more refreshing after all those Hungarian Honda Civics: a JDM Toyota Altezza SXE10!
Down on the Street: Toyota Altezza
Last Wednesday I was enroute (by bike) to pick up my son from school when in a blink of an eye I spotted something wrong with the “Lexus IS200” on the other side of the street. I quickly grabbed my phone and took the picture above.

There was indeed something odd and it wasn’t only being RHD, nor the JDM Altezza grille and after market bumper:
Down on the Street: Toyota Altezza
Genuine Altezza rims, Altezza emblems, Altezza steering wheel and after checking the licenseplate the RDW revealed it is indeed a genuine Altezza RS200 SXE10. Now that’s a nice find on your average afternoon. ;)

BTW: exactly the same thing happened to me before on a Sunday afternoon when I spotted a red/black panda AE86 more than 200 meters away while driving my car in the opposite direction! Turned out to be owned by someone who was not yet a member of AEU86. ;)