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Down on the Street: blue Nissan Skyline R33 GTST

There are occasions where I only spot a car once and there are occasions where I spot a car multiple times… This 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST is, as of this Monday, one of the latter cases:

Basically one of my colleagues told me some people were making photos of a Ferrari in the parkinglot at work, but actually there was a tuned car parked next to it that I might be interested in. So I walked outside and found this (lightning) blue Nissan Skyline R33 GTST parked behind it. Yes that is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta parked in front of the Skyline but who gives a fuck about Ferrari F12s? Skylines interest me much more… ;)

Actually I have to admit that I did not really realize how special the Ferrari was until I looked it up… Yes I’m completely in the dark regarding modern Italian cars…

Anyway, as I found out later on looking up the license plate the Skyline only got transferred to the current owner this Monday, the day I took these pictures:

And since then I’ve seen the Skyline parked nearby the office about every day… Today it was parked in front of a flexwork office next to ours…

The Skyline is sitting on a set of ASA AR1 rims.

On the inside the Skyline appears to be in great condition, considering this early Skyline R33 is already twenty years old!

From the side you can get a good look on the bodykit. No idea which brand it is but it surely does look great. :)

Last photo I took not only shows the front of the car where the front air dam got damaged by speedbumps but also the bonnet has been modified to have headlight eyelids (booskijkers in Dutch, which means something like angry looks). Not exactly my taste but hey it is not my car… ;)

I’ll try to figure out who owns the car and see if I can meet him/her in person next week.


  1. Mitchel

    Haha, how funny. This is my Skyline. Its the day I bought it myself, the front bumper got damaged while the previous owner tried to park it..

    I replaced the front bumper with a R33 GTR bumper, since the front bumper was too badly damaged. The GTR R33 bumper fits much better.

    If you wanna meet me in person let me know.
    Been like 10 months hehe, but never seen this article.

    • banpei

      Sure, would love to! ;)
      Perhaps drop me a message when you are in the neighborhood of the BNN building?

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