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Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311 (part 2)

Continuing from last weeks hunting for Nissan Silvia CSP311 rustoseums I present you the second Silvia I found:
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
This one is in a slightly better shape than last week and it doesn’t require a forklift to retain it from falling apart… Let’s just say it is probably still restorable… As the penguins say in Madagascar 2: With grit, spit and a whole lota of duck tape…

From the rear it looks slightly better:
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
But still it will be a big effort to get it back to life.

On the downside parts of the interior appear to be covered in mould:
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
Which indicates the car is actually a water-trap… I would not like to touch anything from that interior and it really gives me the shivers to think what it will smell like…

Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
Also a weird detail are the rims featuring this car. The Silvia featured steel rims and someone swapped them for some late 80s early 90s rims. They remind me a bit of my own AE86 Kahmsin rims or even better a set of Yokohama AVS Model VS-6 rims with more narrow spoke ends… Anyone recognizes them?

Found at Kyushaexploration and Tateya


  1. gred

    good one,i believe i saw some of this old silvia there too also a good sauce for rustoleums,updated daily :D

  2. origoni

    Good day

    Is the Datsun Silvia yet to Buy?

    regards Gianni

    • banpei

      No idea if it is for sale. Better try to ask that to the people in the links at the bottom of the post.

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