Last weekend I watched Daniel O’Grady’s Wasabi Cars video about the Nissan Silvia CSP311 and got inspired by it… Actually it wasn’t finding one as clean as the Silvia in the video but rather more challenge myself to find a rusty one, one that crumbles away while staring at the photos! At least I think I managed to do a proper job here:
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
Just imagine: only 554 of these cars were made!

It isn’t that bad from this angle, but it gets a lot worse from the other side of the car:
Japanese Rustoseums: Nissan Silvia CSP311
I wonder if the forklift is actually serving as structural integrity here…

So did I succeed or not? I guess I did. ;)
And the good news is: more rusty Silvia CSP311’s to follow!

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