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Ebay treasures: The Mazda RX7 FB Wankelrossa

Back in the early 80s I managed to get my hands on a Mazda brochure that included the Mazda RX7 FB and many times I dreamed away think I would drive in one. Shortly after that the Ferrari Testarossa arrived and that literally blew away any boy-dream of owning a sportscar and I ended up solely drooling over Ferraris. I think a similar thing happened to this Mazda RX-7 FB that got some Testarossa treament:
Hilarious: Mazda RX7 FB Wankelrossa
Perhaps the owner bought the car and restyled it in Testarossa style a few years later?

Anyway, the (useless) side intake definitely looks as enormous as the one found on the Testarossa:
Hilarious: Mazda RX7 FB Wankelrossa
At least I pressume the rotary is still sitting in front… ;)
And perhaps the owner resprayed the outside of the engine in red as well, making this RX7 a Wankelrossa. Or should I call it a Fauxrarri? At least the rotary engine does not have a valve cover so it can’t be a testarotor…

Hilarious: Mazda RX7 FB Wankelrossa
At least the interior still looks like Mazda and that’s a whole lot better than 80s Ferrari! ;)

This Mazda RX7 FB Wankelrossa can be yours for only 4750 euros: Ad @ Marktplaats


  1. gred

    i saw somewhere even testarossa styled skoda rapid lol,not that close,but you could say where owner took inspiration :D

    • banpei

      I think I saw that one also some time ago! LOL! :D

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