Some of you may think you just encountered a deja-vu and yes you have twice!
First of all: I did feature this AW11 rustoseum over two and a half years ago.
Toyota MR2 AW11
Second of all: in the past two weeks my server crashed twice and last time I lost one day of data. Unfortunately I also lost this posting… Nevertheless I’ll repost it again. :)

I did this video in a similar way as Daniel O’Grady is doing his Wasabicars videos (be sure to check out his videos!):

I know the sound is bad, should have given comments on the spot and I should have done a more lengthy video than this. However when I shot this video it felt to me the video was at least 2 minutes long and editing the narration afterwards would be easier than doing two or three attempts on the spot.

So, feel free to comment and perhaps next time I’ll do a similar video of another car… Perhaps the Cervo SC100 that is still out there??

Direct link to video: Down on the Street: rusty Toyota MR2 AW11