I did post up a couple of 1990s Hakone drift videos in the past, but these three must be the oldest so far!
Touge drifting Hakone pass in 1990
They are dated May/June in 1990 and they feature several cars from that era including TE71s, KP62s, AE86s, B310s and an occasional S13:

This video even starts off with a Carina AA63 drifting by!

Direct link to videos: 昔のドリフト① 箱根七曲・大平台 1990年5月4日 AE86 KP61, 昔のドリフト② 箱根七曲・大平台 1990年5月20日 AE86 KP61 and 昔のドリフト③ 箱根大平台 1990年6月10日 AE86 KP61