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Another Hakone AE86 drift video

Over one year ago I posted a series of drift videos on the Hakone mountain pass, shot somewhere in 1995. In this video the same mountain pass, about 3 years earlier and this time only a zenki Corolla Levin AE86 is doing its drifts: This guy is a very skilled drifter, he drifts both up […]

Random: Google maps knows where Mt Akina is

Yesterday Hashiriya Exports posted a video on Mt Hakone and commented that Mount Hakone is well known as being Mount Akina in Initial D. I thought this statement was wrong and looked it up since I did find some footage of drifting on Mount Hakone some time ago and also remembered Mount Haruna being Mount […]

Touge drifting video from 1995

This amateur drift video (3 parts), made in 1995 on the Hakone Pass, also shows that AE86s back in those days were very popular as well. I counted at least 8 or 9 different hachi-rokus, however it is a bit difficult with so many stock hachis: I did spot a Z10 Soarer, KE70 corolla and […]

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