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Pre-production Corolla Levin SE AE85 – Friday Video

One of the highlights of this year was a WhatsApp call from Daniel ‘O Grady out of the blue about an early Corolla Levin SE AE85 he found. I was doing my usual Saturday groceries and just parked my car in a parking garage. Daniel was very agitated about this car as it had such a low frame number.

6600 kilometer Toyota Corolla Levin SE AE85
6600 kilometer Toyota Corolla Levin SE AE85

During the call, it dawned on me that such a low frame number meant it was actually a pre-production run. Last year I created an overview of the AE86 and AE85 frame numbers and a lookup function. One of the things that surprised me was that the AE85 production in May 1983 started at 180, while AE86 production started at 1. There are no records of the pre-180 frame numbers in the EPC either. This means these cars have been assembled in pre-production.

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Hilarious: Super Duper Toyota Crowns!

While browsing the interwebs I do encounter a lot of different websites and some of them are more interesting than others. Some others are less interesting but do feature hidden gems in not that interesting things. Take for instance this Toyota Crown S120 brochure which features this model/type overview in one of the last pages:
Toyota Crown MS120/GS120 brochure
What strikes me is that about every model of the Toyota Crown is super: Sedan Super Deluxe, Sedan Super Saloon, Sedan Super Saloon Extra, Station Wagon Super Saloon, Hardtop Super Edition, Hardtop Super Saloon and the cherry on top is the Hardtop Super Saloon Extra! How much more super can it get? ;)

Some time ago Daniel O’Grady from Wasabi Cars posted a video about a neglected private car-collection where he mentioned that every car in Japan features a super deluxe somewhere: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Carina GT-TR TA63 by Wasabi Cars

How could I have missed this fantastic video by Wasabi Cars? Or even worse: Daniel even shouted out to me and I only find out two months after he posted up the video on Youtube… How did that happen?
Carina GT-TR TA63 by Wasabi Cars
Well first of all I went on holiday around the same time. As you have read after I came back from holiday my son’s birthday came up, then I had to find and buy a suitable car (getting a sapphire blue Civic delivered next week!) and only now two months later I am starting to catch up with all the videos posted on Youtube… Sorry Daniel, will do a better job next time! ;)

Anyway, finally here is the video: Continue reading

Down on the Street: Wasabicars Style MR2 AW11

Some of you may think you just encountered a deja-vu and yes you have twice!
First of all: I did feature this AW11 rustoseum over two and a half years ago.
Toyota MR2 AW11
Second of all: in the past two weeks my server crashed twice and last time I lost one day of data. Unfortunately I also lost this posting… Nevertheless I’ll repost it again. :)

I did this video in a similar way as Daniel O’Grady is doing his Wasabicars videos (be sure to check out his videos!): Continue reading

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