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Input needed: tough choice to make

It has been a while since I posted on the blog. First there was my vacation that came in between (yes I still have a shitload of pictures to post!) and then I had to catch up with various things at my work and finally this weekend it was my son’s birthday celebration that came up. So finally I have some time again to post stuff here.

First of all my latest struggle is to replace my current daily driver with somewhat more decent car. In the very rare occasion I would buy a new car, which one would be the best choice of these two?

Honda Civic 2013
2013 Honda Civic Sport (so not the Type R displayed here!)


Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback 2013
2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportsback (so no EVO either!)

The Lancer is a lot cheaper than the Civic but decreases in price a lot earlier. Lancer is a lot bigger (and roomier) while the Civic is more agile. Also the model of the Lancer is already six years old while the Civic has only been one and a half year on the market. If I sit in the Civic and Lancer and compare the two I have the feeling there is a gap of 8 years between them.

So…can you help me out with this tough choice so I can free my mind and start posting stuff again! ;)
And no: I can’t buy both of them!


  1. gred

    imho,both suck and i would keep carina,but if you realy need to do this,then i think i would actually take a new toyota auris,after a long time a first new car i like,but if you want only from there two,then i would take a mitsubishi,just because its roomier,wich is quite needed in a dayly ride i think :)

    • banpei

      I actually am keeping the Carina, so no worries there! ;)
      The reason for putting the Carina for sale was a different idea: basically replacing the daily and the Carina for something daily fun. In this case I’m keeping the fun and getting something smaller and decent (read: new) for daily.

      The Lancer is indeed roomier from the outside but actually on the inside they are a good match for each other.

      I actually went to the Toyota dealer and looked at their cars including the Auris. Even though I’m a (oldschool) Toyota nut the current inventory of the Dutch Toyota dealer, with the exception for the Urban Cruiser, RAV4 and GT86, was not my taste at all. Urban Cruiser is a different story I’d rather mail in private and the RAV4 and GT86 are not within my budget…

      • gred

        hmm,but isnt the urban cruiser abit too big? xD btw when youre buying a new car,i recently got one too lol….but in my case it was abit oposite,i got oldschool for fun :D

        • banpei

          Urban Cruiser is based on the Yaris so not that big…
          What car did you get yourself?

          • gred

            an ultimate classic of czech roads- skoda 120l :D

          • banpei

            Nothing can beat a 120 on its home turf!

  2. Stefan

    Lancer! It looks tougher, is roomier, with the money saved you could buy a nice set of wheels and since the lancer is an “old” model, maybe you can get extra options if they´re clearing the stock from this model? + the Civic looks like a door wedge :) ps. dont like the back either.

    • banpei

      Yes, they are throwing in navigation as the added bonus and it actually is already on a set of decent wheels. On the other hand the Civic already features 17 inch wheels on 225/45 which is even nicer. :D
      I do agree the Civic does look like a door wedge but actually I do like the looks of this model over the previous one. That actually looked a bit more like an egg on wheels. ;)

      • Stefan

        ..sounds like you´ve made up your mind then :)

        • banpei

          In that sense: I guess I did. ;)

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