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Friday Video: Dino Dalle Carbonare’s insane abandoned Japanese cars

It’s Friday, so I have another video for you! I was doubting whether I should post this under the Rustoseums or the Friday Video category. I chose the latter because it is quite a lengthy video to watch! Dino Dalle Carbonare, Dino DC on Youtube, is a quite famous car photographer who works and lives in Japan. He posts regularly on Speedhunters, but nowadays he also is more active on Youtube.

Abandoned Japanese cars in Tokyo

A few weeks ago he posted this video about the abandoned Japanese cars he encounters on a daily basis. This is quite similar to what Daniel O’Grady has been dedicating his entire channel to, but for Dino this is quite a side step. As Dino lives near Tokyo, most of these cars are found in the greater Tokyo area.

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Picture of the Week: Toyota 4AGZE engine cutaway drawing

This cutaway drawing is a tad different than before as it is all about an engine instead of a car. It is a delight to see the Toyota 4AGZE engine in such fine details:
Picture of the Week: Toyota 4A-GZE engine cutaway drawing
I don’t know where this Toyota 4AGZE cutaway drawing originates from, but I would expect it to be taken from a brochure of either the supercharged Toyota MR2 AW11 or the supercharged Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno AE92. I would say the AW11 as the intercooler is mounted next to the engine.

Found at:

WW Kick-off 2013: the arrival!

Enroute to the Wangan Warriors 2013 season kick-off I already encountered a group of sports cars (Skyline R32, Silvia S12 and a Subaru WRX) but when I came near to the meeting grounds the sports and performance cars were literally swarming from all directions!
Wangan Warriors: Arrival

This Nissan 200SX S13 was parked next to the entrance was remained glued to my retina for the remainder of the meeting:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan 200SX S13
So if this is his mum’s car…his car should be even messier? :P

The interior looks serious though… Continue reading

Down on the Street: Wasabicars Style MR2 AW11

Some of you may think you just encountered a deja-vu and yes you have twice!
First of all: I did feature this AW11 rustoseum over two and a half years ago.
Toyota MR2 AW11
Second of all: in the past two weeks my server crashed twice and last time I lost one day of data. Unfortunately I also lost this posting… Nevertheless I’ll repost it again. :)

I did this video in a similar way as Daniel O’Grady is doing his Wasabicars videos (be sure to check out his videos!): Continue reading

WTF: Practical Classics’s view on the AE82, AE86 and AW11

Every volume of Practical Classic columnist John Simister looks back at his older work, mainly involving cars that were back then brand new and nowadays potential classics. Today the June volume landed on my doormat and to my surprise I found the following column:
Practical Classics AE82 vs AE86 vs AW11
It is very funny to see John came to the conclusion the outcome of the original article did not reflect the reality at all:
On the shocking surfaces of the ride and handling course, the Coupe went to pieces while the other two shone.
Today the Coupe – code-named AE86 which is how the new GT86 got its name – is very rare and much prized by enthusiasts for its old-school driftability. The hatchback GT had practically vanished without a trace. And the MR2? … values should be heading for the stars, but they are not.

Given the fact that a good condition AE86 has a higher pricetag in the UK as the original showroom model, I’d dare to say that the Coupe (as the English call it) was the safest investment of the past 27 years! ;)

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