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WTF: Practical Classics’s view on the AE82, AE86 and AW11

Every volume of Practical Classic columnist John Simister looks back at his older work, mainly involving cars that were back then brand new and nowadays potential classics. Today the June volume landed on my doormat and to my surprise I found the following column:
Practical Classics AE82 vs AE86 vs AW11
It is very funny to see John came to the conclusion the outcome of the original article did not reflect the reality at all:
On the shocking surfaces of the ride and handling course, the Coupe went to pieces while the other two shone.
Today the Coupe – code-named AE86 which is how the new GT86 got its name – is very rare and much prized by enthusiasts for its old-school driftability. The hatchback GT had practically vanished without a trace. And the MR2? … values should be heading for the stars, but they are not.

Given the fact that a good condition AE86 has a higher pricetag in the UK as the original showroom model, I’d dare to say that the Coupe (as the English call it) was the safest investment of the past 27 years! ;)


  1. Pierre

    In case you want to read the original article…

    Great blog!

    • banpei

      Thanks! Great to actually be able to read it in full. :)

  2. ae101rulez

    did he not mentioned which was more practical in terms of both 3 cars??. would pick the coupe anyday with its 4 seater and big boot space rather than the ‘only summer’ mr2 or racerboy ae82…

    • banpei

      He only mentioned he thought the MR2 wasn’t practical because it is a two-seater and not too much space in the boot. Surely would pick the AE86 coupe any day over the other two. ;)

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