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Dutch AE86 with FWD complex – AE86 Wall of Shame

It has been a while since I posted in the AE86 Wall of Shame. It’s not that I ran out of pictures, but rather more other interests took priority. Today I have another Dutch beauty for you: a white Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 including period-correct 1980s stickers and a Corolla FX AE82 front end! That surely looks goofy!

I really wonder why this European Corolla AE86 with AE82 front end doesn't sell...
I really wonder why this European Corolla AE86 with AE82 front end doesn’t sell…

I presume the front has been swapped for the AE82 front end because of a minor front-end collision. As the left-hand-drive headlights are difficult to obtain, it would have been a very expensive accident. The much cheaper and more obtainable AE82 front end has been crafted onto the AE86.

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WTF: Practical Classics’s view on the AE82, AE86 and AW11

Every volume of Practical Classic columnist John Simister looks back at his older work, mainly involving cars that were back then brand new and nowadays potential classics. Today the June volume landed on my doormat and to my surprise I found the following column:
Practical Classics AE82 vs AE86 vs AW11
It is very funny to see John came to the conclusion the outcome of the original article did not reflect the reality at all:
On the shocking surfaces of the ride and handling course, the Coupe went to pieces while the other two shone.
Today the Coupe – code-named AE86 which is how the new GT86 got its name – is very rare and much prized by enthusiasts for its old-school driftability. The hatchback GT had practically vanished without a trace. And the MR2? … values should be heading for the stars, but they are not.

Given the fact that a good condition AE86 has a higher pricetag in the UK as the original showroom model, I’d dare to say that the Coupe (as the English call it) was the safest investment of the past 27 years! ;)

Video: Chichibu touge videos from 1990

I found ae86lan adding these videos to his favorites on Youtube. The three videos are footage of touge runs in May 1990 with mainly AE86s, AE82s and Starlets. I must warn that there is hardly any drifting involved in these videos: most cars car grip driving up and down the touges around Chichibu.

The Skyline lookalike tail lights in the beginning of the clip are from a Nissan Langley. You can also spot around 4:00 a Celica AA63 and around 5:00 a Carina AA63.

Here is another video from that very same night:

And last but not least, another one from a different night going up and downhill:

Found at [murasakisyohu @ Youtube]

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