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WTF: Toyota AE86 trash!

After hoarding AE86 parts for over 20 years AE86Lan decided he needed a clean up his garage:
Toyota AE86 trash
An entire kei-truck is loaded with various AE86 parts like T50 transmissions, complete subframes, complete 4AGE engine blocks, valve covers, cams, camgear covers and many smaller bits and pieces. What a bloody waste: I think many of the AE86 enthusiasts could probably have used some of it…

See the video below: Continue reading

Breaking the Celica AA63: the big move

This happened today:
Moving the Celica AA63
I moved the Toyota Celica AA63 to another place that is only 12 minutes away from my home. Much saner than the 1 hour 20 minutes it was now. ;)

I was surprised the 4AGE fired up immediately after not being used for almost a year. Usually when I start the Carina after a month not using it takes a few starts, but then again the Celica AA63 has a fuelpump and injectors while the Carina has a mechanical pump and is carbed. Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Yokosuka’s Toyota Carina AA63 for sale

Occasionally I browse Goo-Net to see if there are any interesting Toyota Carinas for sale, like a Carina Jeune or a 20v Carina. So when I spotted Yokosuka’s deep blue Toyota Carina AA63 for sale earlier today I really felt a strong pain in my heart:
Yokosuka's Toyota Carina AA63 GT-R for sale
Why? It is one of the nicest Carinas around and he put so much time and effort in the car!
Yes it really is the same

On the positive side, this allows us to have a peek on all the internals of this beauty: Continue reading

Video: The very first Best Motoring Hot Version

Last week I discovered Ka Ko (via Rocketpencil) who posts Best Motoring videos on an almost daily basis! :)
One of the gems he posted last week is the very first edition of Best Motoring Hot Version:
Video Best Motoring Hot Version first volume
As you can see there is a thrilling battle in this episode: the infamous Keiichi Tsuchiya battles with an (almost stock) Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 the (back then) brand new Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex AE101 featuring the new 20 valve Silvertop 4AGE. The battle is very very close even though the AE101 has a lot more power under the bonnet!

What else can you expect from Best Motoring Hot Version Volume 1?
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 vs Toyota Trueno GT-Z AE101 vs Honda Civic EF
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (superstrut) vs Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (non-superstrut)
– Toyota Levin GT Apex AE101 (superstrut) vs Toyota Levin AE86
– RX7 Drift vs Grip
– Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R cup with Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting his Taisan GT-R R32 on a wet Fuji Speedway!

Watch the full video below:
Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina GTi16

A proper Family Album Treasure from 1986 for this whole family in their Toyota Carina GTi16 AT160!
Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina GTi16 AT140
The oldest son is giving us a double victory and wife and youngest son are enjoying the sight of daddy taking a picture of his pride! (For you to determine whether that should be the Carina or the family… ;) )

Anyway, also visible in the picture is the wooden (Nardi?) steering wheel, BBS rims and most importantly: the Twin Cam 16 grille badge that indicates this car is powered by a 4A-GE and not to be messed with!

Found at Minkara

WTF: Guess the engine of this Hilux!

The first generation Toyota Hilux was a big improvement over the Toyota Stout: it was roomier, more luxurious and longer wheelbase.
Guess the engine Hilux RN10
The only thing it lacked was a potent engine, especially in the modern days it may look a bit archaic.

The owner of this Hilux solved that by swapping out the 12R engine for something else. Can you guess what it is? Continue reading

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