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Breaking the Celica AA63: the big move

This happened today:
Moving the Celica AA63
I moved the Toyota Celica AA63 to another place that is only 12 minutes away from my home. Much saner than the 1 hour 20 minutes it was now. ;)

I was surprised the 4AGE fired up immediately after not being used for almost a year. Usually when I start the Carina after a month not using it takes a few starts, but then again the Celica AA63 has a fuelpump and injectors while the Carina has a mechanical pump and is carbed.
Moving the Celica AA63
After reversing my mighty weight reduction mods by reattaching the doors and bonnet the car was ready to be moved on a trailer and towed to the new lockup. Loading and unloading went just as smooth as the Celica drove on and off the flatbed trailer on its own power.

Moving the Celica AA63
Coincidentally at the same time I had my last day at work yesterday and from Monday onwards I’ll be a freelancer with a side project if I’m without a database related project. ;)

I also made some videos, but while taking the most important video the GoPro decided to go haywire and after a forced shutdown it did not store the video in the end. I’ll try to do a composition of the video somewhere next week when I have the time.

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  1. Joakim Nyberg

    Put that 4A-GE in the Carina! It’s a lot more fun. Do you know what kind of wheels those 5 spokes on the Celica are? They look just like the ones on my fathers AE86

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